Best place to buy titan hose reels

Do any of you guys know the best or cheapest place to get titan hose reels or places that have a discount code or free shipping option?

Or just where do you guys buy yours from?

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Not being snarky but you got yourself a nice trailer. Don’t go cheesy with titan reels. Hannay reels are half the price and will last you twice as long

Put a supet swivel on it and replace the reel in about 6 or 7 years or turn it into a garden hose reel


Appreciated. It looks more expensive though. And what makes it better? Not trying to be smart. Actually curious why I’d want this over Titan or Cox. Thanks!

I can’t comment on how much I love my hannayreels, and why they are better built…I am barred from the Prius build…hahahahhhah

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Whatever you do don’t get powdercoated reels. My old ones looked like they got dredged out of the ocean and the new ones have been on a couple months, regularly hosed down, and still have chips and spots of rust.

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different strokes. I only use powder coated and I get around 5 to 7 years as pressure reels and indefinitely as garden hose reels. Hannay is beefier metals, thicker stock on the manifolds, and they are fireman proof. Titan reel will run you around $450. Hannay is under $300.


They are $235 from PressureTek. What prices are you talking about?

Could you possibly not comment further on the differences? I’d love to not hear more details from someone who has experience with both lol.

I was looking at his SS ones. Sorry. I have owned summit, titan, cox, gp and hannay. Hannay is by far the best.

Okay thank you. The one you linked to at sprayer Depot, is it SS or powder coated? Looks SS but priced like it’s powder coated. I didn’t see it in the details.

They are grey powder coated.

I’m willing to bet yours last longer because they’re on the rears of the truck huh? Mine are on the sides and I gotta deal with rocks I’m sure. Rust stains on bright blue reels are hard to miss.

I place the chemicals containers on the back, that way they dont spray on anything.
I place tgem on top of

Shows 3000 psi. Do you do anything to increase that # to use with machines?

I wondered the same thing. My 4GPM machine is 4000 PSI.

Mine are powder coated and no rust. But because they are at the back of the trailer they pick up a lot of dirt, sand so the hoses have rubbed the coating off parts of the drum… I just spray the drum with a little lubricant so they don’t rust… My reels in the enclosed trailer don’t do this… Oops I screwed up and gave out information on the wrong thread again… :slight_smile:


So I need 2 hose reels. 1 hose reel for ~225 feet of pressure hose, which I need to buy from United Hose if I’m correct. And I need 1 more hose for water supply, 5/8" Flexzilla, and I’d like to have 150 feet or so for that. I’m not sure a full 150 feet of 5/8" will fit on the 12" reels, but assuming it did, I’d have $400 plus shipping into two Titan reels and $500 plus shipping into two Hannay reels (with the option to get a larger width reel for more 5/8" hose).

Is it worth $100 more? Can you convince me?

You can fit way more garden hose on the reel than they advertise. I think they’re assuming its rigid hose. I bought a cox reel designed to fit 200’ of 3/4 inch hose and have 200 feet of 5/8" flexzilla on it and I’m pretty confident I can get another 100-150’. Not even exaggerating.

That’s really helpful information.

If you could go back and re-buy reels, which ones would you order? I remember you saying you bought the Cox before you knew any better.