Best PA Turbo Nozzle? UR36 vs UR40? Anyone tried these?

I see PA has released a new Turbo Nozzle - UR40

One website says:

New Low Vibration Model for greater comfort during use
High strength ceramic seat to reduce wear
360° any position starting
Hydrokinetic energy creates a 20° cleaning angle by drawing an empty cone

I had original thought to buy UR36, but then I saw this UR40 and I got intrigued.

GP 4350psi/6.6gpm (could go up to approx. 5000psi/8gpm) - Honda IGX700 + hotbox

Any experiences or advice?

I’m following, that UR36 looks super durable… I’m hoping somebody’s used one cuz now I want one LOL

Has anyone tried he UR40 yet? is there a little bit less vibration or a lot less? I use turbo nozzles to remove loose paint often. Are there any other low vibration turbo nozzles?

I emailed PA and they told me to email General pump to get it in the US, but GP ignored me twice so i don’t know where i could buy one.

Ive seen a video of someone using a surface cleaner to clean a concrete wall, i wonder how heavy that was and if it could remove paint as well as a turbo nozzle?

A surface cleaner doesn’t have the same “force” as a turbo just because it uses two nozzles, splitting the GPM and they are usually at least 20 degree fans. Great for dirt, not so good for paint. A turbo has a rapidly moving zero degree ‘red tip’ with full GPM and PSI.

Good luck. I like the PA turbos but had a bit of a time trying to order the red one I like. I wound up getting a suttner, hope it isn’t crap. They went way up in price. I need to have 2 on my rig at all times when turboing foundation paint. One goes down and I can still finish the job. Each job now gets a turbo added to the bill, they seem to wear out quicker than they did 3 years ago.

Edit: Haven’t tried the silver bullet, maybe I’ll give that a go as well. Kleenrite has the cheapest reds I could find, although it takes forever to get stuff from them.

@shaunKLEENRITE do you sell the silver ones? I didn’t see them on your site.

I have the YR51K454 in stock ready to ship out of PA or TEXAS

General Pump / PA, as of beginning of 23’ have setup a manufacturing location now in the US, located in Minnesota. This is great news since previously all PA products were manufactured in Italy.

I can have anything General Pump has in stock shipped to you asap, even if not on my website.

Give me a call to discuss further = 800-233-3873 extension 224


Just so people don’t get confused, they do need to make sure they buy the right nozzle size. This is 4.5. It’ll be higher for most of us.


yeah, but the question is do you have the ur 40’s? Supposedly lower vibration and start in any direction. If you ran one for more than an hour, you would be happier with less vibration and not having to point it downwards every time you left off the trigger. It can be some sloppy dirty work and I have to go on and off the gun to clear my visor at times. I see that they are/were for sale in Italy and australia.

On a side note:
I buy the red 36’s off your site. They aren’t listed as turbo nozzles, they are only listed as rotating nozzles when doing a search. It is a little confusing to navigate, especially when trying to find one with the right orifice. I think I waited 3-4 weeks last time I ordered turbos. I have more ordered, and the site says 2 weeks to ship. If PT still sold them I would buy there and have it in 3-4 days. Apparently, after calling several places, most sites said that they don’t sell too many of the PA turbos so they stopped carrying them.

I have reached out to General to see if we can get the UR40 for you… I should know soon

a turbo nozzle is a rotating nozzle and vice versa, same thing just different names based on the manufacturer; for example GENERAL PUMP calls them “Rotating Nozzles” but SUTTNER calls them “Rotating Turbo Nozzles”

I highly recommend calling me directly when placing an order so I can make sure it is stock and you get accurate information. We have over 40,000 parts and you are correct “2 weeks” is not always accurate

I am extension 224 or if you want to discuss further

Thanks everyone!


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For the PA - UR40 = what orifice size do you need?

#4.0 or possibly #4.5?

I have a 4gpm 4400psi 420cc direct drive Dewalt. It doesn’t say which nozzle size.

I’m installing a Pulsar Zero flow Sensitive unloader and a 75ft blushield kevlar braided hose on it today😃.

The nozzle size depends on what pressure you’re wanting to get.

Just use the nozzle chart.

Been doing the search today…what are you 8gpm guys using? I had previously banished these…but we’re getting into a lot of paver clean/sand/seal jobs, and a good turbo tip seems to be required…

Not this year so far, we just had snow and freezing temps last two days, but I run an 8 normally. I have run a 9, but the 8 seemed to be the best. I never ran a 7 to see if it made any huge difference, plus I am comfy with my times and distances now with the 8. Old dog new tricks and all that. I don’t do paver sanding and sealing (just cleaning).

My main uses are for cleaning busted concrete, removing paint from foundations, and retaining walls. Everett came out with some new paver stuff he is selling on his site, but I am sure it is just like tritons.

Edit: the red PA turbo, but I am going to try out the suttner on a wall to see if there is any difference.

I like the UR32 PA red turbo nozzle.

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what are you running, a 7, 8 or 9?

I should be running an 8.5 or 9. I really like them but I had trouble finding them last summer so I took what I could get which meant a smaller orifice size. I ended up going through a supplier I had never used but that’s how badly I wanted them.

I hear you, they got tough to find. I got mine off the cleanrite site, cheapest site I could find but it took a long time to get them. They were about 25-30 cheaper than some other sites. I run the 8 just to keep it simple, I like simple. 8 for an 8 is how I remember it. Did you notice a big difference between the 8 and 9?

Hoping this suttner I bought isn’t crap, I could have bought almost 2 pa nozzles for the money. have 2 on long order from the clean site for backups.

I’m still running my two older ones with smaller orifices.

Anyone got a link handy to the 9.0? I could live with an 8.0 as well… I need to get 1 or 2 ASAP.