Best ladder accessories and why


I dont really have a good ladder, and I was looking at the stabilizer and standoff addons. Im afraid Id punch a hole in the wall. I can be a brute, plus Im heavy with big feet. Any good ladder and accessories recommendations and reasons why? Tips.


Werner has served me well


Bullhorn/Stabilizer. Wedges/Stabilzers for ground, @squidskc thinks highly of then.

Get a normal aluminum extension ladder…being honest i dont use ladders but I keep a 20 ft multi position ladder in the trailer if needed. 90% of the time its used i use it in the A frame position. I put a. 24’ (?) in back truck if i know i need it. But these arent safe as extention ladders.

Or just put more holes in siding the even it out.


I absolutely could not do my window cleaning job without these.



95% of the houses I do have 2 and 3 story decks. I use ladder with roof ridge hooks to keep it from sliding off the railings.


What r they?




Obviously they work and appear to be quick setup, but i cringe. I fear falling. I don’t fall or trip much as an adult, but im a tad scared of heights. I do get over it with repetiton and time. The guys from Mexico i see doing roofing here are fearless.


I have a 16 ft extension ladder and a 28 ft Werner with equalizing legs on bottom that lock. Handy if you’re setting up on uneven ground. I use a Werner ladder stabilizer with tennis balls on each end to it doesn’t tear up shingles. I’ve started turning down jobs that I need to bring a ladder to.


For roofs I use a Corner Buddy -

Can get from amazon too.


I like the concept. How does it benefit using it?


Found this diagram of its uses corner buddy.


Keeps your ladder off the roof and gutters. Most the others, if you have a shallow pitch roof, the horns will not even sit on the roof unless you put your ladder at a dangerously shallow angle. Plus when you’re up there spraying from gutter line, still some room underneath you to spray w/o getting all over you.


You haven’t steered me wrong yet. I’m going to order one


I’ve got one on both my main ladders. The only disadvantage is that they’re a little too much trouble to take on and off so mine stay on all the time. But I’ve been using them for going on 4 years now and haven’t ever bought anything else.


I always leave my bullhorns on to. But like you said if the roof doesn’t have a steep pitch they’re pretty much useless


Got one of these on the way for Christmas lights. Pretty pumped about it.

Otherwise, a handful of levelizers are a must. Here’s a video of one in action.

Here’s the link:

The Levelizer: The Fast, Safe, Easy Ladder Level


Do you use this only on corners or does it work well in any position?


Any position, I’ve never used mine on a corner.


Man that looks like a real PITA . Why not use a blower?