Best ladder accessories and why


I’m breaking him off his bad habits in January


Blower all day. I use the blower for everything except roofs that arent walkable. That video was more or less for guys don’t want to get on roofs. Last year I closed out the season by walking 25 riffs in one day with a blower. The three of us agree the blower is the best way.


The best way to clean gutters is to call some guy on thumbtack to give you a quote, then mark it up 50%


Agreed…I ditched gutter cleaning this fall from the aspect of hiring more employees next year in the spring and I don’t see a way to be profitable and OSHA compliant at the same time.

I’m probably wrong but I don’t see it…


You are right. Unless you need gutters to make payroll in the winter end can keep your washing contracts without doing gutters, don’t do them. I’ve quit doing gutters a couple of times over the years, but had to bring them back.


Residential gutter cleaning as an add-on can make you more money in less time than even your pressure washing hourly rate. I walked a roof last week in no more than 7 minutes and charged $99.

You’d spend more time than that coordinating the uninsured thumbtack guy and squaring up with him.

It’s all about whether or not you’re comfortable walking on a roof.

If you’re not comfortable walking on the roof yeah sure roll the dice with uninsured thumbtack guys. Or better yet pass on it. LOL


How long is clean up taking you on gutters?


0 seconds. Maybe 30 seconds if I have to blow it off the deck or driveway. It stays in the yard.


didnt know if you were doing pick up, we dont have enough leaves falling here. just pollen


Do the customers ever say anything about that? I always bag it up. I try not to do gutters though. Lol


No. It usually dries up and decomposes or gets lost in new leaf fall before they’re up the next morning.


@Racer my Corner Buddy should be here next week. I was having a heck of a time this week at the top of the ladder trying to finish getting the dead organics off cast stone. This should help a lot.


I don’t mind commercial gutter cleaning. Wait till they are dry and just blow them up with a good blower and clean up the mess down below. Have a job this week 10 units $800 , only take 4 hours max.
It’s something different.