Best deal on 8gpm machine?

I ran a 4gpm @4K for my first year in business (last year) and want to upgrade my equipment for the start of this season. I have a 275 gallon buffer tank on a 6x12 single axle trailer so upgrading to an 8gpm machine should be fine. Trying to sort through the multiple options available for a bigger machine and trying to make sure I get the best equipment for the money. I can get an 8gpm @ 3500 from PressureTek for $3900…which is a General Pump / GX690 setup that includes a battery. Any other machines I should consider?


Bear in mind, it’s not actually 8 at 3500 but it is still a good deal. Pressure Tek is the ONLY vendor on the internet circle that doesn’t support the orgs that are undermining this industry. Any monies you can keep out of other vendors pockets, the better.

Power wash store sells a water dragon with a Udor gear drive that I was about to buy. I think it was about $3800. I haven’t used it so take my suggestion with a grain of salt. But it’s probably the one I buy once I buy a bigger truck to put it on.

I have the 8gpm water dragon that you mentioned. It’s a beast. I’m very satisfied with it. I’m about to remote mount a k7 unloader on it after using my hydrotek I really like the soft start and no line pressure

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I’ve seen a thread or two regarding some vendors lobbying for various regulations …I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to?

Yep. …

I would always go with belt drive over gear if your packing on the hours.

Belt drives require less maintenance over time.

@Innocentbystander is the Water Dragon unit that is linked above (gx690 with Udor 30/24) closer to the advertised output of 8@3500? Or is it the engine output that makes it impossible? Trying to understand what causing the limitations.

The engine is not big enough to give both 8 and 3500. It can do either or. The one frequently advertised are 8 and 3000

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Request a 25 or 27hp kohler and problem solved. The Honda gx690 is only 22.5 hp . The 25 hp kohler has the same torque @3600 as the 27hp does so they both work.
The down side is there is about $1000 different in motors . Between Honda and kohler
I have verified my 25 kohlers put out 8.1@3500 psi .
The kohlers have a 3750 high idle and run at 3550 under full load .
Psi was measured at the reel . I also run k7 unloaders the divert .5 gallon bypass at all times is set correctly


Thanks for clarifying that. For a turnkey housewashing machine, I think it’s my best bet. I’m anxious to see the difference between my 4gpm and this one.

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If you get that one you’ll need to buy an unloader block and a better filter.

Ok, I will get them ordered also…any filter recommendations?

With this machine you don’t get an OEM muffler or udor, but you do get a belt drive and support a vendor that doesn’t support org’s. Catch 22. Or you could drive to NC and pick up a bullet proof unit that is perfectly designed for about $4200


And having said all that, the owner of this forum would surely appreciate the business but I can never remember how to get to the site that has their store on it.


Got them ordered, thanks for your help!

I just purchased the psi smoking bandit from power wash USA, 8 gpm 3500 hotbox

Thats a 630, but the image is probably used for all their stuff

I went to Mvp and bought the 8gpm machine that they build very happy with it also they took 300.00 off in the month of January