Belt Question

Anybody know if the 3VX425 (X’s 4) belts can be swapped for one 4/3VX425 Continental 4/3VX425 Banded Cogged V-Belt, 42-1/2" Outside Length, 1-33/64" Top Width, 4 Ribs 4/3VX425 | Zoro belt?

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If so, is it better? Goes on a 8/3500 PP with TFS2021. Thank you

You absolutely can run that banded belt. How many belts have you gone through on your current sheaves? You may need to replace them before running a new belt. Here’s one on eBay you can run that’s way cheaper. Thermoid makes a decent belt if you want to just check them out to see if you like them.

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Multi-v belts are a little more finicky in my opinion. They require a little more tension to run true and the belt sheaves need to be pretty square with one another

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Yeah unlike a BX that will run a full belt width off

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Dperez is absolutely right lol

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Ive run this machine for over a thousand hours with no belt replacement. Other that the belts, I am not sure what else needs replacing. As well as how to replace them. Open to help! Admittedly, I am just a washer and not a mechanic…

You’ll usually wear out two sets of belts to every sheave set. You can pick yourself up a sheave groove gauge and keep a eye on them.

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Thank you guys for the replies!

My machines only run two belts and I run Gates cogged. I’ve never changed sheeves or heard of them wearing out but maybe I’ve been lucky. I’ve got some that have been on 3 pumps so that’s at least 15k hours on them.

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If you need any help just post a picture of whatever your stuck on and we can help. It usually just requires removing some belt guards, loosening the tensioner, removing old belts, installing new, tighten belts with tensioner, and installing belt guards. When tensioning dry and keep the sheaves as sqaure as you can to one another.


How many hours would you typically get out of a new set of belts?

About a year/2k hours. I can tighten them about 3 times before I run out of travel on the pump slide, then I replace them. They seldom break

Interesting, I traded out pump belts twice a year. On the baby BX22’s for my generators I couldn’t get more than 3 months out of them. The machines were running 4,500 hrs every year though. I never took up their slack more than twice after their break in. I would always see the slip on my pressure gauge if I tried to get anymore life than two sets of belts on my drive. I ran Martin, Browning and Dodge and always saw wear and slip. I only snapped one belt in all my years, a BX22 from D&D power drive after 40 hrs. You get what you pay for!

Hey guys. So the belt arrived and I wen to install it. When I loosened the bolts it wouldn’t slide. I realized the rails were torn. Completely shredded. Hindsight, the machine was rattling (but not crazy) the week before the belts went out. Sounded like the belt cover had lost some screws. What else could have been screwed during this oversight? What should I be checking on while waiting for new rails? Thanks in advance!

Upgrade to a geardrive while it’s apart. All that steel, rust, corrosion and fatigue to keep a belt tight will go away with the 4 bolts that hold a gearbox. It’s hard to watch you belt drive guys suffer like this lol.


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Ok. Now a week down. Ordering a Landa. In the meantime, I need to get this thing working. The rails were cracked. I pulled the pulley, the bushing and pump off. Replaced the rails, put in new tensioning bolts. Now, the back of the belt guard had no space to slide the pump so I drilled open some room for it to work forward and back (looks awful but I’m in a pinch). Put pump on leaving bolts loose, installed bushing and pulley. Next was belt. Keeping the pump square was not easy and I’m not certain it is. Adjusted the tensioner, locked down pump bolts.

Seemed to work fine but decided to test it washing my house. The belt slips after its hot and I work the gun then, smokes something terrible. Am I out of line on the pulleys? Open to any constructive help guys, thanks!

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When I let off the gun there is a chirp sound.

Way to loose. It should barley deflect even tightened. Maybe you need a slight smaller length belt.

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