Basic Truck Set Up


This is my first time posting on this site. My name is Scott and I am in the St. Louis, MO area. I had a pressure washing business in TX for 10 years. I mainly did KEC and concrete cleaning. I have started getting equipment together to do house washing and roof cleaning. I have read many posts and appreciate all of the knowledge that can be found on this site. Some of the regulars like @Racer, @squidskc, @Innocentbystander take time out of their busy days to help people and ask nothing in return. They offer sound advice and you can tell they truly want others to succeed.

I have a basic set up. 12v Delivan Fat Boy pump, Comet P36 gas diaphragm pump, Titan electric hose reel, Titan manual hose reel. I am using 200’ of 5/8" Flex Tech hose on the electric reel, and 200’ of 1/2" on the manual reel. At this time the manual reel isn’t hooked up. I have a 125 gal tank that I run the Comet pump with and a 45 gal. Mix tank for the 12v system.

I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado with a camper shell. Has anyone had any luck using a pull out bed slide? When I did KEC cleaning I used 14’ tandem axle open trailers. Unfortunately at this time that isn’t an option so I am left with either using my truck with the shell or getting an enclosed trailer. I was looking at the Cargo Glide 2200 XL. This model extends 100% the length of the bed. If I go with the enclosed trailer it would be either 14’ or 16’.

This is my current set up.


Sweet little setup. How you like that Comet diaphragm pump? Thing puts out a lot of flow. How much more distance are you getting with it than the 12v? Been thinking of one for just roofs.


The Comet works great. I get about 10’ to 15’ more over the 12v. I think it would even get a little further with a shooter tip. Right now I use the 12v to apply chem and rinse with the Comet. I was lucky enough to find the complete Deluxe system that Power sells. I paid $700 for it all.


Save up, get a pressure washer and you will be able to soap and rinse with the same machine. More quicker and more efficient .


I haven’t seen many guys use the camper shell, but that looks like a great clean and compact setup. Nice!


Working out of a camper shell doesn’t sound comfortable lol, but hey if it works and it’s making you money! I’d like to build something similar to start, probably with a 4 or 5.5 gpm washer


That is the plan. I am looking for an 8 @ 3000 or 8 @ 3500.
When I did KEC I used hot water machine that was 5.6 @3500 and never had any issues.


I don’t think you need a pull out bed, you just need to open the sides for ventilation and to run a hose to the house to fill your buffer tank
You can run your pressure hose out the tailgate


Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad it’s all been helpful. I’m with @DoubleH. I don’t think you need a slide out. Probably a big expense for not a big return. Whether it were a trailer or a flatbed or whatever, the big stuff stays put.

I’d definitely consider @Innocentbystander’s advice on buying a pressure washer for house washing and toss the roof pump on one of these when I needed it.

You can wash 500 house out of the set up you have if you swap the roof pump for a pressure washer.


Vinny D showed up to the forum a couple months ago with a truck bed set up that wasn’t pretty, but it was organized and will make him good money. He had a video of one of those plastic organizers for the back seat of his truck to organize the stuff to keep dry. I stole the idea and ordered a second one for the other side of the truck. I’ll take a pic of what I’m talking about.

It’s perfect for taking in and out of the truck when you’re not working out of it.


Gotta link for that thread? I missed it


I tried to find it. But I don’t remember his screen name. I find the video when I’m home.



That is way to much organization for a normal man. But you were Navy and I’ve heard stories so I guess I understand


You should see my shop toolboxes then. Every tub in the shop has a label with an inventory of what’s inside.

It might make you puke. LOL

Hahaha I won’t even mention the different file folders holding different grits of sandpaper neatly labeled.


I have different piles in different places that vaguely resemble each other


^^^This is me

^^^And this is what I aspire to :laughing:


Nobody should aspire to this. I’m a crazy person. I’m the guy that if I stay in a hotel for more than three days I put my clothes in the drawers.


I’m the same way. Was in Denver for 4 days last week and hung my clothes up within the first hour…


When the heck you have time to do all that? I’ve been trying find time to change an o’ring on a QC for a week.