Ball Valve Question

I have read and watched video’s of ball valves. I use one with a handle, what I am asking, do you need more than a 4 gmp to produce the pressure these guys are using to wash a house or flat work? How are they getting the foam or spread like they do?

Too confusing of a question.
Post a video or link so we can explain

They are opening the ball valve just enough to pull soap while still producing some pressure. There will be a significant difference between 4gpm and 8gpm. Its not really safe to do. You get the same results from using your tips, using the ball valve to soap or rinse is just lazy.


I use ball values 90 percent of the time I find it easier or lazier I guess. I put a 3pack nozzle adapter rite on it . It also seems to get more out of the injector this way. it’s either open or closed I never throttle it. Others say it’s unsafe and to some point I agree if you drop it or it gets kicked it can get opened slightly and spray all over the place .

Chris, Come on down here and work with me for a couple of days and we’ll see who’s lazy, lol. I use mine every day for soaping and rinsing concrete. Not on a house though. Not real sure what he’s asking however.

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Let me try to explain better, guys use ball valves for soaping and cleaning (fresh water). I use a ball valve with a handle instead of a (what would you call it) small turn nob. I can not produce the result they do. So I am asking do you need more gpm or a different ball valve.


What happens when you try?

Lazy? Or faster and more effective? I don’t use one but will try. Time is money and so the move efficient the more money.
On another note I imagine a ball valve is a ball valve is a… well you get it. Only difference I’m guessing would be a plug or socket on the end

More gpm will give you the effect you are looking for.

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Hahaha. Wasnt meant to be a dig, just poor choice of wording. I just dont see the benefit. I also have the male end leading, so i dont get the foaming as thise who jave the female end leading.

Just water flow.

You have to put a fitting on it, otherwise just to cut water on/off. No big difference in the ball valve itself, except one with big handle will catch everything there is if you ever drag it, which you shouldn’t do anyway. Watch my ball valve building video or the driveway cleaning one to see in action.


How can I find that @Racer?

This is what I am talking about. I think IBC had it right more GMP,

I really don’t see gpm making any difference should work the same no matter how much your machine flows


That was what I was trying to ask, couldn’t put it into words. Does the handle vs the knob make a differences?

That’s possible I’ve always used the black handled one and it works without a problem. I have no experience with the other ones.
Like I asked before what’s is happening when you try?

Makes no difference. Either one is choking the water flow for the desired effect. Rick likes them as do others. I don’t use them for safety reasons but I’ve got a bunch of guy and safety audits to deal with.