Awnings and A Thank You

So, like all here SHOULD BE, I am subscribed to @squidskc on YouTube. One of his videos was about cleaning awnings and ever since I watched it I’ve wanted to clean one just to see how well his process worked. As usual, he was spot on. In his video he uses a rounded off scraper to remove lichens. I didn’t need to do that but I think the results are very good for a first attempt.

I spotted this place and just walked in and asked them if they’d be interested. One employee had tried his luck with his own pressure washer and hardly made a dent.

Seriously, if you’re not subscribed to Brodie on YouTube you’re missing out. I put some of his advice to use and landed a $9,000 job this week. So, thank you, Brodie! I owe you a beer if we ever meet.


Totally agree but tell us more! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You know I can’t kiss and tell! My “competition” may be lurking in the shadows! To keep it simple, it’s just a 9 building multi-unit complex. Mainly brick with some vinyl on the upper sides and the backs. The biggest time drain will be all of the entryway dormers and the flatwork. Here’s a few pics:


As you can see, my “competition” did the drives a year ago. All 38 of them are exactly like that. Luckily, they’re just single car drives that should take about 5 minutes each except for one building is just one massive drive that will take a little while. If you zoom in on those pics of the soffits and gutters you’ll see that they are BLACK. I’m going in with a hot mix! I may have one guy just soaping those with the 12v and one guy rinse with the 8gpm and DS’ing the vinyl.

That ain’t competition - that is hacks in a 1980 truck with a Dewalt pressure washer.

BTW - you can make some coin doing concrete repair. Really easy for stuff like those driveways.

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38 driveways with a WAND!!! He may not be too smart, but your “competition” must have some patience, LOL…He’s probably still there finishing up numbers 36-38!


Hmm tell me more?

Interested as well.

Thanks man! Glad it’s helpful!


X3! :grin:

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Just got asked to give a bid on a 54 building apartment complex. All vinyl, very few gutters and DIRTY! Your apartment pricing videos have been ridiculously helpful.

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X4 intrested in your concrete repair process👍

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That’s awesome! That’s why I make them!

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You can’t just come in here and tease us all with the prospect of making money doing something and then leave us hanging! That ain’t right!

What type of easy repair can be done on the driveways. Customers always ask me about things like that and I refer them elsewhere. I would love to do it myself if you could give me some advise or sites to go to to learn.

How does one watch or find videos from @squidskc


If you search for him on YouTube and click on one of his videos you can then click on subscribe. Then Squid gets big bucks! :joy:

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I found it and it said I was already subscribed


No wonder Brodie only works 3 days a week.:+1:

PS if you click the bell it’ll notify you when he posts more excellent videos!

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Lol. I don’t make any money from YouTube.

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