Average 2 Story Roof Wash: No Ladder?

These go on every ladder we load up… Have to drill a few holes, but $50 and you can set that thing about anywhere…

How do those work though when you’re setting up on a hill in wet grass. No way for them to dig in is there?

I use this when i’m by myself. Adds a lot of stability https://www.homedepot.com/p/BoxTown-Team-Lock-Jaw-Ladder-Grip-BTLJ-A001/322761365?mtc=SEM-CM-CML-GGL-D22-022_008_LADDERS-NA-NA-NA-DSA-4035567-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NEW-Feed_DSA&cm_mmc=SEM-CM-CML-GGL-D22-022_008_LADDERS-NA-NA-NA-DSA-4035567-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NEW-Feed_DSA-71700000090672871-58700008002458472-39700072808572057&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA8NKtBhBtEiwAq5aX2HtxBBwtenzjobw1ZjS4YYdfrq5uY6ajcWFG1WkqmTwojkBwQlYIMBoC26cQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Our guys always have a 2nd when they’re going up there anyway, so digging in isn’t really a concern. But yeah, def. not one I would trust solo or in tricky scenarios.

Someone recommended these on here before- I put them on all our ladders- love them.

Easy to adjust- does it automatically and in unison, feet to dig into soft ground and slopes, no maintenance or adjustment.

Have left them in the Oregon weather for a couple years now up on the ladder rack and no issues.

Don’t mess around when it comes to ladders. “I’m not afraid of heights- I’m afraid of falling” lol


Here’s a question I have for anyone, I’ve been eyeing the little giant ladders, mainly the 22ft. It comes with the levelers and all the other options/usability.

The Level-eze Ladder (Z) Leveler with Swivel Feet is $145. The other ones posted recently were $215. The little giant that I have been eyeing is $290.

The ladders that I already own are not really sufficient for a PWing business, so I would need to buy 1 or more ladders. That said, I could hunt FB markplace, CL, Pawn shops, etc to buy used ladders or buy new and add the levelers for added cost, OR I could just go with new little giants. I need a 300lb weight limit ladder, which the little giant is. Basically it has every thing that I need. Any reason for me to consider something other than the little giant?

Little Giant Ladders Leveler 2 M22 with Leg Levelers 22-ft Reach Type 1a- 300-lb Load Capacity Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

I don’t carry a ladder & I like it that way.

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Little giant ladders are pretty heavy and cumbersome in my opinion…


That’s interesting. Will look into these.

I have a warner that’s pretty much the same thing. 22ft multi position ladder. It has a small enough footprint that I keep inside box truck. I believe the load on it is 375 and it’s aluminum as well. No stabilizers or anything though. Great for a smaller secondary ladder or using it to do first floor gutters.

I have that and a 28ft one of.i.had to pick just one I’d go 28ft, but the smaller one is definitely more handy and intend to use it around my own house more.

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I have that exact little giant ladder and love it as well. It works great but has some limitations:

  • it’s only a 22’- you will eventually need more if you do gutters/roofs/windows.

-It does not have a standoff nor a good way to attach one.

-It also has soft rubber feet, which I would not trust on wet grass or soft ground, as @racer said- need something w feet to dig in.

One ladder does not do it all- just like different tips for your pressure washer- they all have a purpose based on what’s needed at the time. You may find you start off w the little giant (great ladder) and eventually get a bigger “taller” extension ladder that has adjustable feet (levelers) and standoffs.

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I work a lot of jobs on my one, moving a 30’ Heavy Duty extension ladder can be quite a bear lol.

Anyways, I have gotten into the habit of always carrying concrete string stakes and a 5lb hammer in my trailer.

I like the piece of mind of hammering a stake up against the bottom rung of the ladder to prevent it from slipping out, if the feet were to give out.

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Actually most ladder safety courses rec tying it back to something in front of base. So you may be better driving stake in towards base of house and tying ladder off to it if you can’t find anything on house down lower to tie off to.


Never thought of that, I guess it would better secure than just something to lean against. Thanks!

I use these, they ‘cup’ the round feet on my leveler. The shorter version works better as the longer ones tend to bend the tips. This is on grass, mulch or dirt of course.

I was real fortunate to have some great ladder safety training. It kills me to see guys on youtube or somewhere with the ladder put on a roof at about a 45deg angle. Kickout is one of the more common ladder injuries. It’s absolutely amazing how many people you see doing just basic stupid things on ladders.
Here is a short basic 20min video by the American Ladder Inst which is supported by most the manufacturers

Also, Werner and others offer free ladder safety courses online with certificates. If you ever have any employees OSHA requires they have training.


I drop the $50 for OSHA-10 for everyone in the field, and they also have apps for iOS and Android that will tell you if your ladder is too steep or a kickout danger.

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My ole man walked roofs for 40 years before he slipped & fell off of one. He got lucky with a minor injury. A buddy of mine in his 20’s slipped while climbing a ladder 6 feet off the ground. His leg went through the rung & he went the other way. He survived but it was real bad. He never took another step in his life without a cane. I wasn’t there but I’ll be he wasn’t using 3 point contact. I like my ladder in the garage.

I bought this (well 2 of them when they had a sale). It’s alright. I bought it because every single yard is on a slope, I don’t use it for roofs I use it for decks and log cabins. Not gonna lie, I used to haul around pavers in the bed of my truck.

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Now this is the way to use a ladder. Just saw this - https://x.com/HowThingsWork_/status/1759503337798742081?s=20