Assassin stainless steel shooter tip


I didn’t want to designate a gun solely for the 6" wand. I’ll try it both ways.

Doing it this way means the gun is less versitile. But if it works out to be bad a$$ I’ll keep it this way


Having a wand screwed into a gun defeats the purpose of having quick connects. one gun should be able to quickly connect to any wand or surface cleaner. It does away with having to use a ball valve. Effeciency will keep you making money and saving time.


I do not connect my gun to the surface cleaner.
I connect the hose with the ball valve to it


Ok. Do what works for you. Or doesn’t work.


Got my six inch lance today. Was only 4 and change for 2. Stoked.


Now put a quick connect at the gun so you can use the same gun to plug in a longer wand or hook to your surface cleaner. And redo all your hose so the male end leads. I’m right picky lol


“Will” do! Haha


I am just starting out this spring, have all the equipment now and decided I am going male end leading with everything except the gun. That will be a female output which seems to go against the ideal design, but, if you ponder it, it werks. The only exception is if I use a female output off a ball valve, a male plug goes in to prevent oring blowout


I run female after the gun as well. If you know me you know I despise ball valves :slight_smile:


I bought the ball valve assembly Rick posted, but, at nearly 60 years old, that stuff is heavy!!! I am doing this as side hustle, thought things thru, and it seems male plugs are designed for output into female sockets. That’s kinda the way the big guy designed things. So, what will be, will be.


before you do anything I strongly suggest to use a ball valve at the end of your hose with a male end to connect to your gun.
Your gun should be female.
forget about hooking your gun to your surface cleaner, it should come with a trigger already, no need to have 2 triggers.


It’s truly and 1/2 and 1/2 which way you mount your plugs. Female out of the ball valve works for me but I have specific reasons why that others may not have.


Same here…there is a reason for my female out…it is easier for me.


A decent surface cleaner will not have a built in trigger. Why would you think about using two trigger guns? That’s not logical


What surface cleaners do you use? I’m only familiar with the usual: Whirl-A-Way, Hammerhead, Whisper Wash Classic, and Steel Eagle. Actually looking to upgrade for my new machine so this is opportune


Eagle wash


Are Eagle wash and whisper wash made by the same company?






I just got a Wisper Wash classic that has an integral trigger. Is this not a decent surface cleaner?
I always thought it was a decent cleaner based on reviews. I’ll have my own reviews on it come April.