Assassin stainless steel shooter tip



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Before seeing the post about using a 6" nipple I planned on ordering around a 3’ stainless lance from Pressuretek for $11. I figured I could cut it into whatever length I want and just thread the ends of it. One thing I’ll have to check is if the lance is thicker where the stock threads are or if it’s thick enough for threads throughout the whole length. I weld for a living so figured I could also tig weld it to a quick connect. If I can be of any help or, you need any diy tips welded up to experiment with, just let me know.


I cary a foot, 3 foot and 6 foot and an extension pole.
I use the 1 foot 99% of the time with a jrod.
When i get tired i use the 6 footer, lock it and hold it on the ground.


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If you keep your old wands that get bent or broken you can cut them down and thread them if you have a pipe threader or have a plumbing buddy who does. Toss 3-4 in the drawer.




Not a fair assesment. Use the zero tip with a six inch wand and it will spray as far or further than the assassin tip. Plus your money isn’t going to someone that has hurt the industry


Okay, got my shooter-tip mockup. Can’t try it until April, though, we too cold out!


That looks rad, let us know how you like it. Running to get my six inch extension tomorrow


I think thst defeats the purpose


Defeats what purpose?


Sorry…typing and trying to upload picture…didnt cone up right…will upliod shortly



You have quick connects, on both ends.
I understand at the end for the shooter tip or jrod, but at the base?, i think you will have vibrations and potential water leak.
This is the gun i use 90% of the time.
Fatigue gun, i always use hot water thats why you see the pipe cover.