Assassin stainless steel shooter tip


Anyone try this tip? I am looking to reach 3.5 stories with 8gpm machine for softwash/soap/rinse.


0050 with a 6 inch wand will do the same thing


Where do you get the 6 inch wand? Do you buy them or just cut and thread aluminum pipe?


Found my answer. @Innocentbystander Welcome back btw sir.


Shortest wand I can find is 12 inches.



Go to your local plumbing store and tell them your looking a 6 inch stainless nipple that’s where I got mine and they were just a few dollars


Like I said, Shortest wand I can find is 12 inches


Your customers must love you!


And I’ll be leaving again. Thought he had changed


You are a party pooper and need to lighten up.


Innocent, I sent you a PM.


Care to share your answer?


The PM was unrelated. I saw the 6" steel nipple idea posted on another thread after I had posted on this one. Gona give that and my 0060 tip a try. I’ll order a 0050 if I have to


cool, let us know how it works out.


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Didn’t you get kicked out for the same thing last time?


wow, another of my threads hijacked again!

Seems typical, now.


If your having that hard of a time finding the 6inch nipple send me your address and I’ll send you a couple of them I saw ibs talking about them I tried them and so much more movabilty instead of a long wand read what the pros say they have been there done that :+1:


There is zero truth in that statement.