Are You Being "Visible" In Your Market?

I’ve talked a great deal about this subject to guys that tell me “The Phones Just Not Ringing”. How are you being “Visible” in your market? How are you making your “Brand” Visible in your market?

Have you ever walked into a convenience store stopped and counted the times you saw the words Coca-Cola? I counted 13 one time. So whats this got to do with your business??? Visibility makes you drink Coca-Cola…Visibility will make your phone ring. You want your Company as visible as Coca-Cola…I know that’s impossible but you get what I’m saying.

If no one knows you’re out there how are they supposed to call you? If you look like every other pressure washer out there why should I call you??? Are you standing out???

I’m not talking about guys that have been doing this for 5-10 years I’m talking to guys that have been doing this 1-3 years and seem to be stuck & can’t get over the hump.

Does your vehicle or equipment draw attention? How about the way you dress? Hows your website looking? Are you using bandit signs? Postcards? Door-hangers? Do you leave business cards everywhere you go. Do you know what the 5 foot rule is? Are you doing home shows?

I’ll tell you one of my super secrets…I don’t own a personal vehicle and haven’t since I started our business. Wherever I go so goes our Company. I’m told all the time…Man I see your trucks everywhere!!..We have 2 vans and a box truck, but that’s how I know being visible works.

What are you doing to be “Visible”?


Nice post!

We have never done a home show but have been told we should be other in and outside
of the industry. We started out primarily as a window cleaning company but would like to
transition into a pressure cleaning company moreso.

I’m thinking about doing a couple of home shows this year and really setting myself up as a
pressure cleaning company. I have a feeling I will get more feedback and leads than if I promote
window cleaning.

Do you have any pictures of a home show set up you’ve done?

Home shows are a money maker. Both the ones in my town were cancelled this year and I felt it.

Guy has a really nice setup. Hopefully he will share it!

Kyle, being visible can relate to any small business, not just pressure washing. One advantage in your business and mine is that we’re mobile, we’re not stuck in a brick & mortar store we’re everywhere and should take advantage of that.

Home shows & trade shows are great ways to get your company in front of customers. Yes we’ve done a couple. 10’ display booths are cheaper than you think and can be found on ebay anywhere between $400-$1000. These can be set up just about anywhere. Home/ Trade shows are where you can really take your business to the next level.

But…Do your research on the company that puts on the trade show. Find out what the past attendance numbers were from the past trade shows. Expect to pay $1000.00+ for a booth.

Here’s a few pictures of our booth. Know how I made ours stand out??? Remote Control Bubble Machine, while attendees will soon forget about the other booths, they will never forget about pressure washing booth they walked up to and all of a sudden bubbles started falling all around them. It was funny watching their faces when this happened.

We even won the peoples choice award for our booth.

Good post Guy:cool:
So many guys tell me that they haven’t got around to doing There websites or even marketed themselves. Their reasoning is that they have plenty of business right no thru referrals and past customers. Soon I don’t hear much about these guys anymore because there “Well has ran dry” then their gone. Looking for a job working for “The man” again.

They need to be visible like you said which is spot on.


Thanks Clark!

Sorry Guy didn’t mean to spam your thread.

Hey not trying to be an a-hole Clark, thanks!

Great thread & even more great info. Thanks for the help.

Truck Graphics are super visible and super affordable. The Bigger, more colorful, loud, attention grabbing the better.

What about your trailer (if you have one) is it attention grabbing, is it clean? Or is it black, rusty & dirty? Does it project the image of your Company?

Think About It.

We have been putting out alot of door hangers, flyers, put ads on craigslist, ads in local papers, facebook page and just hand managers of businesses our cards. we also have yard signs at homes that we have done. We are in the process of purchasing a pick up or Van and will be getting it wrapped also.

Also in the middle of building the businesses website.

Eric, not criticizing your methods but IMO you’re going about it bassakwards.

Your website always comes first. All of your marketing and advertising revolves around your website.

Ok so you have business cards, flyers, door hangers, etc… where are your customers going from there? Where are they going to “Verify” your business? Having a professional high ranking site is crucial to your business, and very well could be the difference between Business & No Business.

Just Saying.

You have a good point, just been so busy doing jobs lately that i havent had time to build the site. but i understand what your saying completely.

I had my site up and running along with insurance before I ever took my.first job. Now I also have a sub domain. Website get it up, make sure it ranks well. It will get you work.

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Great post Guy

We try and be as visible as possible as well as keep our look and brand consistent.

My trailers look like hell. There beaten to death. Still debating if I should do something about that because there’s so many other things where doing so it’s not hi on my list. I can say that since my flatbed is very noticieable I get people telling me that they see my trucks all the time. I just got that from 2 different guys in Florida who have companies by me. One of those guys spoke to a friend of mine on my phone because he was buddies with this guy when there were kids… Small world---- oh yea I also forgot to mention that he won PWNA’s big prize. The hydrotek skid. Dawg:rolleyes:

Just like to add “Image is everything”.

You can say that about marketing too!!!

I can’t agree with Guy enough!! You are working on a sizable investment of theirs (commercial or residential). Looking raggedy, whether it’s your site, uniform, truck, rig, whatever, leaves a bad impression and makes people assume you don’t care enough to put in the effort. Unfortunately, sometimes being vain will get you somewhere.

I like the “Coca-Cola” example Guy!