Are my prices too high?

Hey guys I’m trying to figure out if my prices are too high. I know your close rate is probably the best indicator but I’m pretty early in the game so my sample size is too small to tell. I know understand everyone price will be different due to costs, markets etc. I live in CT it’s a higher priced market here than a lot of places. I just went on an estimate the other day and I thought it was a fair price but I never herd back ( to be honest it’s probably from the best the lady seemed like a real pita both times I spoke to her) I only have a picture of the front of the house but the back looks the same no surprises just a normal raised ranch.
I was at 399.00 for the house wash. Is that high ,low, or about right for you ?

No one is going to agree on what a fair price is. That’s a 30 minute wash and you’ve already ridden out there once and took the time to photograph it. You can’t recoup that. So, do you think a fair price for your blue collar services is $800 an hour? Only your costumer can decide that.

I don’t see things like IBS regarding pricing but in my opinion he’s right that overtime your prices will be what people are willing to pay for.

I would keep trying at that price i think if you do great work you’ll be busy.

Time to go out there, (twice) once for the survey, once for the work, write up and email over a proposal, set up and teardown, do the work, generate the invoice and deposit the check. Plus labor, insurance, comp if you have employees, fuel, soap, wear and tear on expensive equipment, advertising etc. I have a two hour minimum for $300 for all of these things listed above. That’s totally a fair price.

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Sounds right

I wouldn’t be anywhere near that, but I’m in Louisville.

How many sq ft and what’s the back look like?

About 1,400 sqft and the back looks just like the front essentially. No surprises no hard areas, Easy access, nothing is in the way that can get damaged by SH. The back is dirtier than the front but it’s isolated to one section but it’s nothing a normal house wash mix can’t handle.

1400sf no way includes any of hat lower level, or very little of it. Tht’s a 2k sf project all day long. What are you including? Washing the siding only? Scrubbing the gutters? Walks/patios? There’s a lot of variables there…

If it’s a basic wash & go, then I’m with IBS…whatever your minimum visit charge is would be the price. In the end, you need a lot more customer responses to think anything of it (and then you’re going on close rate, as you already mentioned). In every customer pool, there’s a few that won’t hire you at any price, and a few that will hire you at any price…you can’t figure your pricing based on eoither group on their own.

Thats a $130-150 house for me… in and out in maybe a little over an hour.

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But if you’re on any of the fb groups, guys would be bragging that they got $600 for the house. lol

They might…depending on what’s included…

For the vast majority it’s a simple house wash.

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I have no idea what the ‘going rate’ is in my area. My customers don’t either.

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Agreed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be $600 either…but I may be skewed, bc we try not to ever do just the basic housewash…“if we’re coming out, let us do XYZ, it’ll never be cheaper than when we’re already there”…


You already nailed it: some folks won’t hire you at any price & some folks will hire you at any price. Pricing seems to be much a bigger deal to contractors than it is to customers. I believe they are more interested in purchasing a good product than saving 20 dollars, but that’s just my 2 cents.


That’s why I don’t chase a ton of commercial work…some apartment buildings & proprty managers maybe, but strip mall work and stuff is just not up our alley. We don’t ask guys to work nights or weekends, which is pretty much a given in that realm too…

You have a lot of wasted time and actions built into your jobs. Cut those out and you will make even more money. Our minimums are about the same, mine is just a little higher than yours, but you’ve got a lot of steps and time built into yours.

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Do you give the quote over the phone?

yep, absolutely