Ar45 gas powered softwash system. LOVE/HATE!

Edit. It’s called a discharge manifold part number ar-3120330

Why don’t the vendors tell you the truth. Cool 290 psi but you’ll blow parts up if you use it even close to that. Don’t really need to go that high but I thought if it’s rated for that you can use it that way. Hopefully I can find a replacement one tomorrow to overnight for repair Thursday. Has anyone changed this before? Do you need gaskets or anything else to do it?

Well I was super excited, and loved this ar45 system. Was the best and most efficient I have ever used. And now less than 30 hours on a brand new system, the entire gauge blew off because the cheap garbage plastic AR used broke. I asked Envirospec multiple times what common pieces I need to not be down in the field. They basically talked me down from ordering anything. Now I’m stuck and have to hope they have it in stock and can overnight another cheap plastic piece. I would pay 3x more for a good one that doesn’t have issues. Is this part easy to change? See pic. Of course I’m pacific time and nobody sells anything on the west coast it seems so have to wait till tomorrow to hopefully get a new part.

What did you have it cranked up to?

I hear nothing but bad things about those pumps on FB

Hopefully you get it sorted out quickly

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I have that same pump and run it at about 220-250 and haven’t had any problems other than some orings go bad

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Willing to bet the gauge was hit towards the oil reservoir during shipping or something and the pin cracked the manifold where the pin goes through. You’ll never grenade that manifold like that with 300psi.


About 280. I was shooting far back peaks 50’ out and thought I needed it high to reach. I’m only going to 225 max moving forward.

Other than the stupid leaks and this now it’s absolutely amazing. Between it and the Hydro mixer XL I’m doing jobs 3 to 4 times faster. I don’t even have my dual soap remote kit yet. I keep hearing the valves will be in in 2 weeks, every week for 2 months now.

I’ve never really run mine above 200. The sweet spot is about 185. I know some run it higher though with no problems. Nick have you tested it. Do you get that much more flow or distance at 250?

Explain it to the ignorant (me). What allows you to do it so much quicker?

I do a lot of stucco, and recently more commercial work (taller buildings, many of them also stucco.) using the finicky 12v pump for anything besides a roof is painfully slow. I had the blend module (a proportioner) but I ended up taking it off and just mixing my tank by hand as it gave me a little more reach when just using a drop tube right into the tank. The proportioner is great for roofs and regular smaller houses but I needed height so quit using it. The Hydromixer xl is designed for the ar45 with 3/4” inlets and 1.25” outlet to the pump. With 1/2” by 200’ of hose I am getting 10gpm out of the gun (pump is rated at 11.4gpm) versus the 2-3gpm I was getting out of my supposed 7gpm 100 psi 12v. I can also shoot 50’ with soaker gun instead of 25-30’ using the assassin nozzle on the 12v. Being able to pull up, skip the mixing, set percent right to what I want and cover a building in solution in just a matter of a few minutes, also being able to rinse with 10gpm has been a game changer. I can set it back down to 1% to wash hardboard (or vinyl if I ever see that someday). I also just got the soaker gun which is similar to m5 twist jet except you just pull the trigger harder for jet stream or less for cone shape.


Is this the Fat Daddy system from Envirospec? I have been looking at it and their smaller version Fat Daddy Jr. Do you have any video of it in action ?

I’m pretty sure the Hydromixer is from Midwest. No clue on the AR setup.

Hi, what is this soaker gun you speak of?

@Seandz what made you choose the ar45 over the p40? That proportioner Midwest uses looks nice with the two remotes(soap and bleach/water)

GP soaker gun. @WaterUnderPressure Here’s a video of a guy showing it and comparing against a shooter tip: Soaker gun - YouTube I love this thing. They make it in red too with a stainless pin for applying sh. Just be aware there is a lot of overspray so may not be ideal for sh application in sensitive areas. The harder you squeeze the trigger the more it changes from a cone to a shooter. It also has a flat head screw on the back that’s adjustable to make it more or less of a shooter at full open.

When I work with my guy we each stay just as productive. When I work alone I will use both at a gallon per minute and this going to wash and rinse double fisting two guns going 18 gallons a minute. If you want to rinse real fast that’s the way to go. I’ll try to remember to make a video of doing that today


Ar45 only thing available soonish. The p40 and p36 on serious back order. Now that I know how to use it (and tightened up the bolts to stop drip leaks) it’s working great. I do you have the Hydro mixer XL from Midwest. Now I’m just waiting on the remote module from them they keep telling me two weeks every two weeks for 2 months now. Not their fault supply sucks at the moment. But once I have that I will have literally everything it will be incredible, already is even without it. I will say its damn near pointless to have one of these gas powered systems without a hydromixer XL. 10 gallons a minute coming out of the gun a mix tank for this isn’t going to cut it unless it’s like 300 gallons.

Hey Rick, do you think the Proportioner from PWS would pair well with the AR45? Reading that 1/2 in hose can flow 14 gpm with 20-100 psi and the ar45 produces this with the draw I feel plus some. What do you think? I’d really hate to spend the money for an XL when I already have a proportioner system. Running 250 of 1/2 in hose anyways as well.

Nope, get your pocketbook out. With 1/2 hose you’re going to get a fair amount of mist and only about 6gpm out of it. Most the guys now are using 1" intakes instead of the 3/4 even, which is what the Midwest one is. Don’t know what the PWS XL is size wise. So you need to go to at least 5/8 hose and get you one of the GP softwash nozzles. You can use the 1/2" but you’re not going to get the full benefit. Hose friction loss is huge with it.


Okay… we’ll that means I loose 50 ft of reach with my softwash reel. It only holds 200ft of 5/8. I have the 1526-17-18 reel

Try it with the 1/2" may be enough flow for you.