Aqua Pro 24" Surface Cleaner

Here’s some of the repair:

That’s one reason why it’s a firing offense with me to lift a surface cleaner before it has stopped spinning

You should have a steel or aluminum plate made to tie the handle mounting holes and union mounting together instead of relying on JB weld.

Something like this

We ought to have an american ninja washer. We go to work for you and the last one to get fired wins! Not sure what the prizes are but I’ll throw in whatever spare change I have in my truck

I’ve fired like three guys in twenty years. And one of them was the same guy twice. One asked the guy he was riding with if he could smoke. Guy said sure, just roll the window down. He then lit a joint and couldn’t understand why I fired him when he had rolled the window down like the guy asked him to. I’m a teddy bear.


Yeah I was actually thinking about that. Is this plate a thing or just a drawing?

:rofl::rofl: :rofl: that is straight out of a movie
I’ve been fired twice in my life. First time I overslept for a charter trip. I was 19 and living on the boat and when I woke up we were throttled and headed out of the inlet. Captain fired me on the way out and hired me on the way back in. I got paid for 1 hour of work which I thought was generous
Second time I had a solo gig in a little bar in the obx I set up months before. I totally forgot about it, they called me a few minutes before the show and I told them I just got off a boat 350 miles north of them

I just threw together a quick CAD model for reference

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If you use a plate, be sure to pick up longer bolts.

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The strength of the JB weld is 4370 psi so hoping it will hold but may look into getting a plate constructed.

Just got to home Depot or Lowe’s and get a thin piece of tin or something the size of a license plate. Doesn’t have to be thick. Pop rivit it in, drill holes and mount your swivel and bar. Just need to distribute the stress.

Hell, just use a license plate. If it’s good enough for patch panels on your going to town car then it’s good enough for a surface cleaner.


WW Classic can’t be the only SC you can just buy another shroud for, can it?

You can buy shrouds, but then you can’t tinker

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I love tinkering, but who has the time? :rofl:

I turn down work to make time for tinkering:)

It’s heavier now but it’s sturdy.
One thing I noticed is that on the 16" Ultra there’s a plate on it as part of the design. So I don’t understand why WW wouldn’t put one on the bigger unit especially when there’s a heavier bar and larger cover. Drilling the hole the right size for the swivel on the plates was important because if not, there won’t be room for the drill holes for the swivel itself. I went with 2 1/8" on the cutout.


Nice work

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