Aqua Pro 24" Surface Cleaner

This is my new 24" Aqua Pro Surface Cleaner which they are not making anymore. So I ordered the parts (mostly from the Ground Force) and put it together myself. The cover & skirt are actually the only thing different from the Ground Force. I did not pretreat here and had to slow down a little because of it. So I left stripes at first but that was my fault for rushing through the job. (I drink a lot of coffee and underbid jobs). But WOW this thing is really a time saver. Very efficient.

GPM? 2 or 4 nozzle bar?

Thought about getting one, or even a Mini Mondo.

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Have ground force, love it….time saver for sure on bigger area’s.


This is an 8GPM Pressure Pro
It’s a 4 nozzle with 25025’s
As a side note: I was able to put the brush on with locknuts instead of rivets
At least one advantage of piecing it together myself

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Cool deal.

How did the total cost compare to that of an assembled unit?

It was more than what I could have got it for a year ago. But not by much as I did customize this one.

Yeah, sounds about right. Nice to create what you want though, good job.

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What do you mean they’re not making any more? I just got another one a few months ago. Also, you probably want to run 2502s in it.

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They discontinued the Aqua Pros. They’re making Ground Force Floaters by request through any vendor. It has a reinforced brush. I have two aqua pros, a Ground Force with castors and a Ground Force Floater.

They discontinued the Aqua Pro due to issues using it with heat. The Ground Force is aluminum and the Aqua pro is ABS Plastic.

You can find Aqua Pros in stock at some vendors but they’re not making them.

Whisper Wash is a fun shop to visit. James Baltz the COO is a genuinely good man and loves to help people.

I use mine with heat 2-3 times a week for 5 years now and have never had any trouble. Wonder what trouble they were having. Of course I usually swap mine out yearly.
I know James. Think he is a Clemson man. I’m familiar with the difference Heath. I’m concerned on the weight difference. What’s your Ground Force floater weigh?

I’d have to check but running them with a 10GPM the Aqua pro needs 4lbs of weight and the Ground Force doesn’t.

I didn’t ask about what issues they had. I just know they discontinued them in January.

They show 6 pounds difference between them, but that’s including the 4 wheels, which don’t weight much, so that sounds about right. Guess I’ll have to be on the horn talking to them and vendors to find one Tuesday am. 4 lbs is a killer all the the ways I use them.

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I thought you were using 25025’s in your Driveway video

I had to send the GF brush back. It didn’t fit the AP. It was cut too short. They had to create a new listing for the AQ brush & contact the manufacturer. It was a hassle, but the AP brush fits.

Yes they’re different.

Might have been back then, but running 200ft of hose and thru a heater coil, losing 750 psi right there which puts you at 2750, and that’s not counting anything you lose from less than perfect tips or connections and turns in the SC. Try it and see which works best for yours. But been running the 02’s for a couple of years now. When you look at a nozzle chart it’s not taking any of that into account, it’s like you’re running it off your whip hose, lol.


Maybe I will switch them out. Just love the sound of all that water flowing though it’s like Niagra Falls. My gauge says 1800psi right now at the surface cleaner gun. That’s w/200 feet of hose.

My gauge says 1800psi right now at the surface cleaner gun.

You need to get it up to about 25-2600. that’s about what I use on 2 week old concrete

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I also just pickup a ground force 4 nozzle with 25025’s I haven’t tested the pressure but I don’t think I would want or need any more. But man do I love that thing!

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Before I start adjusting, I wonder if a loss of fluid in the gauge would cause a bad reading. The gauge I have has leaked about 1/2 the fluid out. I don’t think I can adjust the unloader anymore without starting to lose GPM.