Anyone wearing a mask but still ending the day with discomfort

So I always wear the mask linked below when washing. With that said, I still end most days feeling the effects of chlorine exposure (chest tightness, etc.).

I switch out the cartridges pretty regularly, too. Not sure if I need to get a new mask or what, but I switched to this mask from that other 3M half mask that most guys recommend (with the purple cartridges) because I was dealing with the same thing when I wore that mask.

Does anyone else deal with this as well i.e. you wear a mask but at the end of the day still end up dealing some effects of chlorine mist exposure?

[3M 07163 Full Facepiece Respirator Packout Organic Vapor P95, Large](3M 07163 Full Facepiece Respirator Packout Organic Vapor P95, Large

I use this

No issues

If you stand away from the building and use the wind to your advantage you shouldn’t get wet…or have any effects of SH.

Are you xjetting? When I use to xjet I’d get covered in SH.


I don’t even know what the effects of chlorine mist are. I’ve had long days where I went home feeling like I spent part of the day in a pool.

Have you tried it without the mask? Are you cleaning the respirator? Taking full breaths? Or short and shallow.

I’m just tired of sh ruining my hats. What are the effects?


I don’t know how ya’ll wear that stuff on your face all day. I’d have to quit doing this for a living. I know I might pay for it in the long run, maybe. But I’m willing to take the risk. It’s gotta be sooooo hot an uncomfortable

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Mostly chest tightness in my case. But I’ve read on here people sometimes mention “their lungs hurt”, shortness of breath, chest discomfort when taking deep breaths.

I guess describing it as feeling like you were in the pool all day is a pretty accurate description. Kinda chest discomfort when taking deep breaths.

I get that way when I wear a respirator. Like I’m fighting to breath. I’ve done some painting and welding in a respirator and I feel like my lungs just ran a 5k. Is something wrong with your respirator? Short, shallow breaths all day in respirator that builds up moisture in it… isn’t that basically pneumonia?

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I just mean with my eyes

Didn’t use a mask yesterday my throat was sore.
I usually use image
Stock photo. Google resp o rator you can mod them to accept any filter via you tube. These work well if you can’t get a seal from a beard. I don’t use the nose piece just breath through the mouth.

These are the cartridges you need. Not sure if this is what you’re using. I talked to 3M rep, they said this is the only one they sell that protects from chlorine. I wear half face mask. Don’t ever have issues after wearing.

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I have both but i use the full face now.
Just pace urself.
Dont try to breath too fast.
Just adapt, forget u wearing ot

So in order to wear a respirator more than 12 hours in a 40 hour shift you need to get a fitness test by a doctor. It could very well be the restriction of flow of the respirator causing you discomfort.

Sincerely x safety officer chirs.


We use a respirator for roof Washing. I still have what I call a bleach hangover headache the next day. Probably just dehydration from being on a roof in the sun but I’m blaming the bleach!!!


Are you a smoker or former smoker?

You should see a doctor. I have been wearing a mask off and on for years but some days I don’t because the area is so open and I can get out of the over-spray, and I have never had my lungs hurt. I’ve had dry skin, bleached hair (surfer dude), and burning eyes, but never chest tightness or lungs hurting.

Especially when the heat is turning the SH into chlorine gas!

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Thats good info, thanks. And no, never a smoker - in really good health/shape. I think I’m chalking it up to erratic breathing/air restriction, like you said, while wearing the respirator (but I still think it’s chlorine exposure). Gonna try to steady my breathing I guess and see if that helps. :man_shrugging:

Yea I might. It’s not like I’m out of shape or unaccustomed to cardio either (I surf multiple times a week, run, workout, etc.). I’m trying to do process of elimination and it’s either erratic breathing/air restriction like @SchertzServicesLLC said, or somehow SH most effects me more than all you brutes. Either way, a doc visit might not be a bad idea