Anyone using the customer factor?

I am seriously considering using the customer factor next year.

Could someone please tell me how it has improved their business or business operations. Also could someone please tell me what features have been the most useful.

The CF is a beast! Using it this year alone it helped 10x our business. Call Steve (the owner) and ask him to give you a tour, he is a great guy and will help in any way possible! There are tons of business in our industry that use CF, GO 4 IT!

By 10x you mean grow you business 10 times in sales right?

It’s looking like the best option for going through my data. I have been piecing things together for my EDDM plan and I really think using an all in one package that also includes google maps would be a huge bonus when doing my research along lines with this page.

I am feeling really good about this one.

Is there any special way that you use the program? What are your favorites?

Exactly how did it increase your business by 1000 percent?

Did you go from 1 customer to 10 customers?

Seriously have Steve give you a walk around. Invoicing, follow-up, email automation, scheduling, employee time tracking just to name a few…All of this plus more for 35. a month. We made a plan and worked our plan, the CF helped our plan in a big way.

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That’s pretty vague, but I believe that it is well worth the money.

I’ll get ahold of him and see if he can run me through it.

I reviewed a lot if the crm software and I am going with customer factor next season. If anyone has any input, positive or negative, I would like to hear it too.

Which programs did you review? What was your main complaint.

When I was searching I was having a hard time finding something with the maps integration. The email marketing seems pretty awesome too. It would be nice to have a fully integrated package. Mailchimp is good. They should have integrated it with that.

I don’t know anything about customer factor, but I love Housecall Pro. It has map integration, email marketing, and It sends texts to your customers when you’re on your way and finished. Tells them when the jobs scheduled. Does a lot of the communicating for you.

I dig it.

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I’m gonna book one of their demos. They are around the same price.

Does the maps integration show markers of where you worked / leads / dollar amounts in sales?

I’ve been using CF for a couple years now. It does fine. The only thing I don’t like about it is that if you want to load pics attached to an account, which I usually do, takes awhile because you can only do one at a time and have to name each one. So takes a good 30 seconds or more for each pic. Other than that though, pretty happy with it. I like the timer in their app. Use it a fair amount.

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That sounds good. I did not know that it had a timer. I am assuming it is to time spent on the job. Maybe the could add multiple uploads in the future?

YEP, HouseCall Pro has streamlined my CRM. It has limitations like I would move to another CRM if it gave me an easy way to add 3, 6, or 12-month call-back. Housecall Pro seems uninterested in adding this feature. I NEED this for my window customers.

Hey Rowdie, think I’ll go check this out.

WOW! That is one POWERFUL CRM. I certainly hope that I can easily integrate my contacts from HouseCall Pro, because CF has TONS of features that Housecall Pro seems uninterested in. CRM is customer RELATIONS management. HCP is great for scheduling, invoicing, but terrible at the relations management.

CF good for that. I think was originally setup for window cleaning

I downloaded the app, and hope to be able to play with it before I call the owner for my personalized walk-through. I want to have all my questions to ask while I have him on the phone.

That’s how joist was. Made me crazy. Housecall lets you batch upload which is beautiful.

@MrSparkleVA planning for calling next year is so easy. You just look at your jobs for last July or whatever and you call.

Or in HomeAdvisor you can see who called and in what month. Call the people you didn’t contact the first time or didn’t do business with. You can still market them from now until eternity.

If someone calls you from your website or random referral, get their name and email, and save their name as Maggie Jones November. Then search November in your contacts and you’ll see who you can call next November.

Easy day. Don’t over complicate the call back scheduling. If you can’t figure out who you did work for or called you in any given month with a 10 second search you’re doing something wrong.

As far as scheduling the call backs, pick one day each month or two days each month to call everyone back from last June or regardless of when they called you in the month of June. Batch them all together. It’ll be 20-25 calls. 2 hours max.

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I feel pretty good about the advanced email mkting scheme they use to keep you in front of your customer, adjustable to your own needs and wishes. Also, I have suggested things with HCP and been given convoluted advice on how to do something instead of addressing and doing something about it. I’ve already received a reply from Steve today about my questions, and believe me the answers are better than

As stated earlier, HCP is a monster at many things, but as for RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, not so much. I will keep you informed, but as for right now, I think I’m’a jump ship and go to CF.


I don’t care who you use if it works for you. I’m just saying CRM is the easy part whether you have software for it or not.

I called HA last week about it and my phone took a dump in the middle of the call since I was driving. It’s on my list for tomorrow to call again.

I use CF, works great for me in the following ways:

.Saves all my clients in one place
.i can see my schedule for the day, week, month
.map integration so i know how to get there
.emails clients an appointment reminder
.emails a thank you note
.allows me to make personal reminders for myself
.i can schedule recurring jobs, or non

So far I’ve used it for that, havent delved deeper into its capabilities, like texting, estimates/invoices (because i use Wave), hosting, etc.