Anyone out there happen to use a splash guard?

I’ve been looking on the internet for the last couple of days for an item that would help reduce the splash that happens when I’m power washing tight corners. This happens damn near every time I work and though I use eye protection I still get sprayed in the face and on my clothes with dirt and grime. It’s just getting annoying.

I wanted to know if anyone else has that problem and if they use a spray guard. I’ve only seen two products online and only one of them has reviews (3.5 stars on amazon so it’s a mixed bag). Just wanted to know what my best option or even techniques would be to prevent blowback from wand use and getting covered in crap.


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No one? Anyone even know what I’m talking about?

Stand back a little


Lmao :joy:…thanks?

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Your welcome. Lots of tight corners in breezeways and we don’t get wet

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It’s part of doing business but it does suck taking a face full of mud.


I just placed an order for one, only cost $12.59 plus shipping…I get it next fri so I’ll check back and let anyone who cares to know if it was worth it


True…I’ve mostly been doing houses and driveways and literally every time I work I get splashed in the face or at least my clothes get sprayed with mud. I’ve tried being as careful as possible but to no avail. I even tried using my wand extension but that’s just a hassle and not very practical.

I stopped trying to stay dry and clean. I work faster and don’t get frustrated everytime I get soaked. I’m on small balconies and decks all day. The water drips, splashes and sprays me all day on them.


Getting wet really doesn’t bother me but the mud spray has to stop lol. I actually did a huge deck this past weekend and all was well until I had to do the planks that held it up. Those were the dirtiest parts and had the most accumulation of algae so when I was wanding the area where the dirt and planks meet, I was getting crap all over me. That’s when I thought “there HAS to be a way to avoid or reduce this”

I’m kind of excited to hear how this works. At first glance it does kind of look like the circle might get in the way, especially if you need to get close to something at an angle. It also might be kind of hard to see where you’re spraying? It’s tough to tell though just from the picture.

Like you said, it’s $13 bucks and may prove to be useful. Good luck and Let me know. Thanks.


The other product I was looking at had some of the same complaints as far as not quite seeing what you’re spraying but most of the complaints had to do with putting it on/getting it off and it being cheaply made. I chose to go with this one because it looks sturdier and easier to install. I can see it somewhat getting in the way but I rather deal with that then to take another spray of crud all over me.

Thanks and I’ll be sure to let everyone know

I’d be interested to see how it works.

Yea. Might be a little annoying not being able to see, but you’re only gonna be using it during isolated times. Also…$13 bucks.

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You’re gonna hate that thing… that’s like trying to shoot a sniper rifle with dust cap down.

Your edges are gonna look like Ray Charles detailed them.


Face shields are $3 at harbor freight.


The plan is to spray as close to the corners and edges as I can before getting the blowback and then sliding the shield down to finish.

I appreciate the suggestion on the face shield but I’m guessing it’ll just be like wearing glasses in which I’ll have to keeping wiping the shield from the dirt and grime and vision is gonna get iffy regardless. Not to mention I’m in central florida and the average has been 95 degrees (and rainy) for the past month and a half. The shield will more than likely get foggy after less than a min with it on.

Nope. It’s not even that close to your face. Used one today in 110 degree heat index. Rain X wipes. Easy day. Just note this for when you’re ready to toss that thing deep in the ocean.

If you use a face shield and it fogs up after rain x wiping it down and send me a video I’ll send you $50 to pressuretek.


Kinda looks like your wand got neutered



Maybe this cud work