Anyone know or use the Fat Daddy?

Searched the forum here and the only mention of Fat Daddy is the username Fatdaddy. Searched EnviroSpec as well and didn’t get much information except it seems that @Innocentbystander is not a fan but @Racer has used their hoses and some of their soaps.

Here is the link:

Anyone use this machine? Also, has anyone used a foamer with their softwash system (pros/cons)?

I think I remember @Ikii saying he uses a foamer or at least use too. He’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

I do always on all jobs.

If you don’t mind sharing. What is your current softwash setup? 12V, X-Jet, dedicated gas powered system?

And do you see a benefit of using the foam over a non-foaming application? Is it the “wow” factor that puts it over the edge for other potential customers as they walk/drive by? I believe I read that the foam tends to cling better, but that is usually from people that use the foaming technique over non-foamers.

I do use my pw, to soft wash.
Yes, the wow factor and yes it clings better.
I make a video showing how far you can reach.

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This was using my 4gpm

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Good stuff! I have actually watched both before, just couldn’t remember who it was that posted them.

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I hope you didn’t summon the Chunky Father here by tagging him… dude said some really dark stuff about his wife and women in general right before he left so his presence isn’t really missed…

Is it too late to untag him in your post? Can you try?

who is this we talking about? Daddy? I’ll try…haha

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Yeah @ fat daddy

Lol thanks.

That looks good. I can see the wow factor myself. Which foamer do you use?

What are you running here in that first vid? Seems like a lot of volume

First one is 8gpm


That pump looks to be Allison’s version of the hydpro D30, which is an awesome pump, I’m very familiar with the D30. The only issue I see is that it has a bypass regulator, which means it circulates constantly back to you tank, which would foam up like CRAZY in this application. Back in my lawn care days (20 yrs ago) we used a de-foamer agent to keep the foam from overflowing out of the tank!

I’ve thought long and hard about a soft wash system with a D30, but haven’t been able to find a way around that issue. You can get a Honda gx160 and a D30 combo for around $1000

Isopropyl Alchohol in your solution.

I use it on roofs so I can get a great cling but not deal with all the suds in the tank.

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I’ll look into the alcohol thing. I think a D30 pump and a JD9 spray gun would be the perfect setup.
The adjustable tip is amazing for height and control. I used this setup to spray trees back in the day, and never had any issues.