Anyone Else Scared to Hear Phone Ring

Seriously, I’m living in fear these days that the phone will ring again and someone else wants something washed. It’s crazy. If I don’t answer, which most the time I don’t, then I have to spend an hour each night returning calls. Where’s the winter slowdown when you need it?


I’m looking forward to the July slowdown. This boat needs to get wet! Just make sure you schedule days off properly once you’ve got your January ramen noodles covered.


There are worse things in this world :rofl:

I am taking off on Friday for 3 days in Vegas and have nothing scheduled until Tuesday. I made as much as i did all last year in one month. Was this my high month? Is this the new normal? Only time will tell, but i am definitely scheduling some days to take it easy. Still havent gotten my boat unwinterized.

Come on up @Racer lets go fishing!


The floodgates have opened here, I get the usual WC calls but suddenly everyone wants a housewash. I think now Covid is under control, people are now catching up on their ‘to do’ lists.

I just put the cover back on mine last week. Had taken off optimistically about 3 months ago. Finally said to heck with it, not happening anything soon.

Send them my way!

It was a slower start than I’d hoped, but it’s definitely in full swing now. You all seriously need to consider not being the one answering the phones, lol. I rarely answer them when I am here. Normally I’m the 4th option, but this week 1 guy is at the beach, person #2 is brand new, and #3 also handles marketing so she’s swamped too.

Great time to be launching 3 new product lines under a completely separate business model, and our 2nd new website this year :grimacing:

Going fishing this weekend though, unless something burns down (maybe even moreso if something does burn down…)


Who else can answer my phone? Like an answering service? #onemanband :joy:

I just wish people would leave a voicemail instead of calling 3 times in 15 minutes hoping to get me to pick up. :upside_down_face:

Calling multiple times in a few minutes instead of leaving a voicemail is red flag #1 for me.


Wish our phone rang

Have a listen to my voicemail greeting if you like. Cuts down on the number of calls I have to return: 8023809036

Sounds like you need to put ol’ Racer on your schedule for about a week.

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Booked solid till July 18th. At this point I only respond to texts. VM’s take at least 3-4 days to respond.


Has been crazy, my best start to the year ever. As soon as it looks to have peaked it gets crazy again. My best year previous to this was at the top of Covid, I assumed people were home and actually saw how dirty the house really was. Would like to think I’m just doing it right.


We had the same in 2021 @Machit …banner year that year. On pace to exceed it this year though. Those 2021 folks need it done again this year, and we haven’t even starting hitting them hard yet bc we’ve been dealing with what we have in leads coming in already.

@Dallsheep yeah, that early point is rough, there are low budget answering services (and even overseas options) that could fill that gap until you get income up to where you need someone full time. But it also frees you up to do what you need to to make that happen…

@FundySpray people hate leaving VMs…I hate leaving VMs, I’ll just email or call back later. Online people are worse, they want you in a live chat with a quote ready…

Had someone call today asking “I know this is probably a long shot but any chance you can clean my windows next week?”

I said I would love to but I’m booked solid the next 3-4 weeks. He said yeah… that’s what I’m hearing from everyone I call.


More trucks + more crews = low hanging fruit to be picked…




I just made a VM greeting that I’m booked until late July.

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I wash two days a week, Racer. Send a few my way.
I mostly try to stick to west side of Geeenville, but I’ll take a few off your hands.