Any info (good or bad) about Thimble insurance?

Curious if anyone knows anything positive or negative about PW insurance from this company:

I was surprised they cover PW and that they cover NJ. Yearly for NJ is $924 for $1M in GL. Doesn’t seem to include Commercial Auto though, so probably a deal breaker.

They also have an “on demand” option where you can literally pay for insurance for as short a time as an hour. I guess that might work for weekend warriors, not really sure.

Anyway, if anyone knows anything about it, please share your thoughts.

They used to be called Verifly. I use their app and coverage for my drone operations. Their actual insurance products come from Markel Insurance Company (which is rated A by A.M. Best) and Global Aerospace, another powerhouse in the insurance business. There was a thread a while back on it.

Here you go:


$924 a yr for 1mil policy? I pay almost 4 times that. Commercial auto will be a separate policy from gl.

Thanks for sharing, @Steve I contacted them to try and get clarification on the CC&C exclusion and this was their reply below:

“This would apply to any items that are in your direct care, custody or control. Meaning, if you are directly working on the siding, windows etc. and there is a problem with your worksmanship that causes the damage, it would not be covered. But if there were to be property damage to something that you were not directly working on, or any personal injury, these would be covered. Please see below for details and let us know if you have any questions.

I could be misunderstanding but wouldn’t anything a power washer damages be something you were directly working on? And therefore, this insurance likely wouldn’t cover anything that might happen while pressure washing, damage-wise?

Just curious if anyone has thoughts either way. I might just be too uneducated about insurance, but it seems like the whole purpose of insurance is to cover things that you’d directly be working on.

No, what they mean is if you are pressure washing a house and accidentally back your trailer into the garage door, or kill a bunch of plants, they will likely cover it. Same for injury. Things like a customer tripping on your hose and falling would be covered. Stuff like that is incidental to the scope of your work. I don’t know any standard GL policy that covers your workmanship. It’s almost always a separate rider.

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So i assume it would be unheard to NOT get that separate rider to cover workmanship, i.e. you absolutely need to get that rider to cover workmanship, right?

Yes without CCC you will not be covered for things while washing the house. IE: Down streaming the house and damage the paint with too much SH. Without CCC you would not be covered. I was quoted $1354 for 12 months in Houston TX by Joseph D Walters which included CCC.