Any Fleet Washers in the Greater St. Louis Area?

I was contacted by a business to do some fleet washing. I know @Hotshot will be disappointed but I turned them down. I know the guy who contacted me and I told him I’d try and get him a couple names. So if anyone is in the St. Louis area and has experience with fleet washing, I will pass one or two names along to the business.

I’m not subcontracting this or looking for a referral fee or anything. Just me connecting you with the business.


Why turn it down? Great revenue stream for the winter time.

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That brand new hot water Hydromax of yours would be perfect for some fleets. I say give it a try and see what you think.

Yeah @qons , Buy @SurfaceTherapy 2 step gun and go scrubber rubber… Im 4 hrs away

Yeah @qons that sounds like an excellent idea!

The learning curve, different soaps, crazy expensive two-step guns…

Just a few reasons.

PLUS, I’m really looking forward to having some downtime.

Remember, this is part-time work for me. If I was full-time, I’d be more interested.

Also, I’d rather pursue commercial flatwork for winter work (if I wanted to work in the winter).

But, in all honesty, if I was going to pursue it, I’d beg @hotshot to let me drive down to his neck of the woods and pay him to train me. For whatever reason, this type of stuff I learn much better through hands-on.

Though I have to say…considering no one has responded to my offer, it makes me wonder if the supply is pretty thin for rubber scrubbers up here and thus there are potentially a lot of customers.

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I feel attacked.

$800 brand new setup. Hoses and all included.

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They are all on FB. There is one group with over 2,500 fleetwashers or soon to be fleetwashers. It sure makes me wonder about the industry since most of these guys can’t wash to save their lives.

I was looking for real washers. :joy::joy::joy:

Oh theres a few in Stl:) I just dont have time for fleets lol, but you are correct my phone / emails havent stopped since March.

@Hotshot @dperez @GeorgeNicholson

It’s 10 tractors (no trailers) once a month.

Is that worth it to re-winterize my rig every time I go out if this is my only winter work?

Never ever take a monthly fleet account! Money in fleet is made on maintenance not shining up turds. What happened to the last guy? I bet he wised up.

Twice as dirty will have you beating the living daylight out of your equipment, chemical cost, and precious labor. I wouldn’t chase their offer unless you could build a route and lump them in. But you’d have to do a bada bing bada boom on them or you’re going to waste plenty of time with them for not much pay. Oh wait they want monthly though…you see???


Yes I’m in STL and all I do is Fleetwashing. 550 trucks a week. If they still need someone I can help out