Another "What the hell IS This?"

I’ve seen this before, but thank goodness not often. So I clean this brick home, and this is under the funk:

It’s impervious to SH, AND 8-9 GPM @4KPSI.

What is this white stuff and what will remove it?

Look like calcium build up


Do a test spot with muratic


I just ran into that on a house a couple weeks ago. One restore did great

NMD80 - can buy at your local brick distributor


SO, is what I’m looking at efflorescence? I watched a YouTube video that explained the efflorescence is a salt, If so, why won’t my PW spray it off? The YouTube vid sztated that the salt just goes back into the substrate only to resurface once dry. Sounds a bit strange, don’t you think?

If calcium, where does it come from?

Research showed that OneRestore is more expensive than NMD80, so I’ll start there. Thank you Brothers!

One $5 gallon of muratic will make 10 gallons. If you want cheap that’s it. I don’t do a lot brick but there is always spots like that here and there when I do. Muratic @ 10-1 does the trick


Just spoke with the brick distributor who said that muriatic acid isn’t supposed to be used anymore. Do you just downstream the muriatic onto the brick, dwell and rinse? ANYWAY, I will start with the NMD 80. I can XJet that, it foams up in video, and I’ll report back.

I mix it in a small 1 gallon pump up sprayer

rinse, rinse. rinse & neutralize with alkaline, the darker brick may be a problem with multiple acid app’s just move slowly

I’m with @florida_condo_cleani

Someone on here, can’t remember who gave me a great tip.

Downstream the muratic acid…then switch to 40 degree white tip and pressure it into the brick while your pressure hose is still full of muratic. It helps get the muratic into the pores and helps the white from coming back so soon

I used his advjce to weeks ago and it worked like a charm


Were you down streaming 31.45 or 68.55

So I obtained the NMD 80, sprayed it on with my XJet, let the foam die down and this was the result:

It’s not perfect, but with another application I think it would have all been gone. Only problem? It cost me $10 worth of chems to do that small area. I DID dilute to almost 3:1 and use a pump up sprayer with mixed results, but much less chemical used.

SO, if I XJet the muriatic with the 10:1 proportioner, that SHOULD get my dilution rate correct to remove the effervescence? Spray it on, Then rinse with SH to neutralize, and complete the rinse with water…and what about dwell time?


Where did u get the NMD?

31%. I applied with pump up half and half then doenstreamed to fill the line then pressured at the very end.


Riverside Brick off of HWY 13 on Holland on the right.

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Foregive my laziness, but is this a chemical that has a shelf life?

If you spray on muratic DO NOT rince with SH . Just high pressure. Sometimes it takes a few tries. It would probably clean first coat at 50/50 mix. But the risk of damage at that strength is not worth it.

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You don’t need to neutralize. You’re not planning on staining it.

What process did you use with the nmd80? Did you watch the instructions?

I foamed the wall with my XJet and no proportioner. Used way too much chemical to clean spots so switched to pump up sprayer. Although no foam that way, did a great job on a wall ghost on front of house but not so well on the front steps.

I DID watch the videos on You Tube and read the Eaco Chem Instruction sheets.

Maybe I didn’t give the steps enough dwell time.