Amazing CRM and More! Affordable called MARKATE


I would have been interested in markate but the person that represents them, Andrea, really has no people skills and was pretty unprofessional in the limited messages we exchanged. You couldn’t pay me to use their stuff today.


Lol, see how first impressions are. But I’m glad you stuck around. You’ve got some good advice to share and I’m glad you’re here.


Edit: it’s not free. I was charged later. Not mad one but.

My trial ran out this morning so I went ahead and signed up. To my surprise one on the $5 add in’s are now included. The review addon was included in my monthly plan at no extra charge.


@Innocentbystander .

I think it’s hilarious you accuse me of being a liar and then block my messages.

Where did I advertise or promote my business here? It never happened.

My business partner may have violated the rules with one post but I came here trying to smooth things over and offer my experience and knowledge. You however have continued to be an a** ever since my first post. The first post here about the JROD sleeves wasn’t even from us, it was from a customer who appears to be active on this board.

I have tried to be nothing but polite to you and even allowed you into our Facebook group, I am repaid with accusations and lies and you blocking me like a little girl.

Good for you, it’s easy to be tough when you are hiding behind a fake name on an internet message board.


Plus a free T shirt


That dog won’t hunt here. You are your company when you’re an owner. Your product was pitched here against rules. I blocked you on Facebook because I limit the type of people I associate with based on their character. I don’t understand the little girl comment. Why disparge someone that is not of your race or gender? I’m not hiding behind any name. Read the forum rules. Quit disrupting this thread please. Feel free to start another if you have a meaningful contribution.


So by what you’re saying I should control things I know nothing of? It really shows your character. You might be a great guy in person but on line you seen like a waste of oxygen


Can you guys move this over to a different thread…ruining a good one about Markate


I’m trying the 14 day trial and I like the layout and there is definitely less of a learning curve compared to Customer Factor. I have several things I don’t like and a lot I do like. One big problem is the sales tax rounds up. NJ sales tax is 6.625% Markate rounds it up to 6.3%. Which will charge my customers more. They said the will consider a future change. There are some things customer factor does better which are pretty important to me. I do like the work orders, in Markate, for employees and the customer service is great. I hate Customer Factor’s customer layout and wish I could switch to Markate but they need to add a few more options for me.


I’m on CF too and pretty happy with it. I haven’t had time to play around with Markate any. Which things do you feel CF does better?


To me the customer factor lay out is easier. I hate having to create a work order to create a task that’s not a job which in Markate I had to do. To me the customer factor is so much more user friendly


Thanks for letting me know this. I will have to look and see if the review add on was added to mine. I’ve had for several months but if they are including it now, I would like to have that option as well.


This is a long post and I hate to read longs posts so I will make it easy. I listed why I like Customer Factor better than Markate for the guys who are thinking about switching or choosing between the two. Markate seems great but it needs a lot of improvement (in my opinion). Granted Customer Factor is $400 more but it is more advanced and I would say on a different level than Markate. If any of the below is inaccurate please let me and everyone else know.

Customer Factor Estimate’s section it has drop downs for prefilled jobs and job descriptions. Markate has something similar but you are arequired to have a price prefilled. For example if you make a job called House Wash and Driveway and add a description it also makes you put a price. Say $400 for that drop down of House Wash and Driveway. But I do houses and driveways with many different combinations of prices. Customer Factor allows you to have jobs with descriptions but you can add any price you want after you select what job from the drop down.

I put a picture at the bottom of my estimate and invoices which is an award I received and distinguishes me from my competitors. Markate only puts an attachment in estimate so they have to click on it to see the picture.

At the bottom of their e-mails for appointment reminders it says, "Kind Regards, The Markate Team and there is a water mark saying it is powered by Markate. Customer Factor doesn’t advertise on my e-mails.

Customer Factor tracks all estimates, invoices and emails sent through Customer Factor to my customers in one spot so you can track what you sent them and when and in what order. In Markate you can see you sent an estimate in the estimate spot and invoice in the invoice spot but there are not dates listed as to when they were sent.

There is no way to separate customers who accepted your estimate and schedule or customers who you’ve done work for in the past from people you sent estimates to and have not responded yet. So I have a list of people on one screen titled Customers and I don’t know if I worked for them or I sent them an estimate and I am waiting a response. I mentioned this to them and they referred me to the inquires tab. Which just lists leads. Leads could be categorized as people who asked for estimates but you didn’t e-mail them the estimate yet. Once you e-mail them the estimate then they go into the Customers Tab/Category.

Customer Factor’s Customer tab list more information on the screen about your customers in addition to all their identifying information is also has jobs completed, lists all e-mails sent and date, and any upcoming jobs.

Markate has “Ask for a Review” e-mail that can be automated to go out certain amount of days. Customer Factor has a more advance version that can go out as a drip. This is new to Customer Factor.

Customer Factor has a more advance E-mail automation and provides numerous ways to customize the e-mails. You can make any e-mail you want have it plug anything you want into it automatically and sent when ever you want.

Markate’s text message feature is built in so. Customer Factor’s Text message feature is through a third party and it sucks setting up.


I officially signed up a couple of days ago and they charged me for the review add on separate. $60 extra with the yearly payment.


I edited my post. It’s not included. The checkout process was strange. It asked me if I wanted any addons, and the review addon was not there. A couple hours later they messaged me for permission to charge my card the $5


They have 4-5 “add-ons” that are $5 each per month. The automated e-mail request for reviews is one of them. I am going to use them as a bridge from my current system (personally designed sql database) until I get to a point where the cost of investment for a more robust application makes sense in terms of ROI.
Markate to me is a simple CRM that is low-cost and as such with any application, their is no golden goose. No one has the perfect system with every feature designed for every application and user at every price level. If their was, then they would be the only company.

What I am looking for if anyone knows of a program, is something that will let me put pictures and notations on a page and then save to jpeg in 8.5 x 11 size for estimates (jpeg just allows for a lot of images to be compressed so that the final file size is still relatively small - PDF’s don’t cut it as more than 6-8 pictures and your file size exceeds most server allowed size for attachments). I currently use either Word, Adobe PS or Illustrator but it is just time consuming. Import each picture, size it, add text field. When bidding jobs that I would have 20 or more pictures it can take 1-2 hours. I just want a program that has templates, say choose between 2,4,6,8 pictures per page with fields already in place for short notations under each picture that I can import pictures, it will automatically size and place them into the fields so that if I have 30 pictures it would take 10 minutes to type in notations, save and send. Anyone know of an application that does this?


Adobe acrobat comes to mind. There are non adobe options as well. None are automated with crm. You can get the same or better compression of images within pdf


Thanks. Saved me a bunch of time. Think I’ll stay where I’m at.


Me to


Hey everyone! Thank you for comments ~ some of the feedback I am reading isn’t reflecting Markate accurately. I really appreciate both the positive and negative feedback as it helps Markate so much! I would be more than happy to answer any specific questions you have! I appreciate all of you! Have a wonderful day! Julia