Amazing CRM and More! Affordable called MARKATE


If you don’t mind I’ll put you on our churches prayer list


Thoughts & prayers


Certainly I don’t mind, and thank you.


OK, let’s get back on track: Enough with the pity party. Although I started peeing blood again last night, I’ve decided to try to starve this cancer with a ketogenic diet (Bye Bye beloved beer).

I Started my 14 day trial last night, got up early to play around with it. There is a really cool virtual estimator included with the app that we can use to estimate sq footage that I find EXCEPTIONAL!!! Put in the address, it gives you the satellite picture, and you place the points you want to use to create an area. MAN THIS PROGRAM HAS LAYER AFTER LAYER!

Oh, and thanks for your continuing support and love. Along with the frequent spats that any family endure, we also share a lot of empathy and compassion in this community. BRAVO!!!


Thoughts are with you @MrSparkleVA.

But as for Markate, your right. Seems like the more I’ve played with it over the last several months it just keeps getting better. There is a lot of stuff on it that I feel like I’m not utilizing.


Love your attitude man. Wishing you nothing but the best possible outcome as you move forward.


Thank you all for you compassion, now let’s get back to business: This is a thread where a guy asked on the HCP Facebook page: how to retrieve his information to take with him to Markate.

The easiest way to get all your customer history out is to have all your HCP Data moved into QBO, and then hopefully they have an ingest tool to go from QBO to HCP. We want to make it as EASY as possible for people to leave because we believe your data is yours. You can also do a simple CSV export of all your data as well, maybe their system can handle that?

Once you leave, we will ban you from the community, this facebook group included. If you decide to come back to HCP, we’ll let you back in.

MAN, I love these guys at HCP. That’s why it’s difficult for me to leave. But from my point of view and based on how HCP charges for each feature, they’d want $399 for the features included in Markate. IF, they ever get all of them. They recently added service contracts to the HCP brand, and want $60 mo. to administer that program. They just don’t seem as hungry as the folks at Markate. On the sownside, they WON’T lock you in on a price like HCP will.


The guy in that FB thread wasn’t being super easy to deal with in all honesty. He seemed to need spoken to in a direct way. Markate is a bootstrap business looks promising but one day all your stuff might go poof…


Does Markate have a way you can back up all your data to your computer. If something happened, how much depth in the company? Or would it just shut down.


Correct me if I’m wrong but Markate has been at it 4-5 years and they’ve developed a CRM that blows any other CRM I’ve seen out of the water with all of the extras and functionality.

Did we worry about the safety of our data at HCP or CF? With all of the movement going on at Markate, I can’t imagine that they would risk losing everything they’ve built by not having the proper redundancies in place.


Okay…so easiest way to transfer is to download your customer list and email it to markate. They’ll upload into markate for you.

It took them 5 minutes. Customer info transferred, job history ect does not


Roland states that we can get a CSV download of ALL our data. I’ll find out how next week.


Got to have the customer history


@Racer I believe Markate is a cloud based system for the most part. Or I think it is. Or maybe a web based platform is more like it. Either way, it’s basically just a website and an app, so I may be wrong but pretty sure they have all your info backed up for you. I know I was having trouble with something and they just fixed it for me.

But this is what I love about Markate. Someone posted on the FB page earlier about a feature he’d like to see added and this was their response! Customer service is awesome!


I was able to download files for everything. I have customers, jobs, old invoices, estimates I had given. I had to download the csv for each thing which sucked but it still worked.


Yes, but I mean what is transferable into markate.

I have hard copies saved of everything on my pc


Good to know. Thanks


I already did that, I meant what is transferable into Markate


I was able to transfer everything. I emailed the csv files just like you do for the customers, and they uploaded all of it.


Nice, thanks for the advice!