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We have been able to clean gutters for 5 days since 2 weeks before Christmas. Snow and rain. I think I’ve made 3k but paid 20k in payroll and Christmas bonuses. Not really a sustainable business model lol. I’m about sick of rain.


I wash the same stuff every year whether it’s dirty or not. I don’t need the mildew :slight_smile:


I got on a kick one nite week or so ago about the rain, and did a bunch of research. Our average here is 49-50" per year. Atlanta and Raleigh about the same. The towns with the most are mostly gulf coast and south Florida. Mobile Al has the highest average in the country with 67" per year. Seattle is only 37" /year and that’s about the national average. We’re right at double that. But, and this is a big but, is that normally in the Southeast, a lot of our rainfall comes in short heavy thunderstorms where we might get an inch in an hour or maybe a bad day or 2 where we get 3 inches. We haven’t had that this year. Probably only had about 3-4 thunderstorms down here all year. They’ve been the lingering steady rains for days. Good for mildew growth, but bad if you’re having to work in it all the time. Would hate to still be in the construction business.


Yeah, yeah - rub it in. LOL Glad Squid coming down here to straighten you out.


(Thread derail alert)

@Racer I told my wife I’m not a power washer, I’m an algae farmer, and next year’s crop is coming along nicely. Our concrete patio was bleach white last Friday, today it’s green along the edges. I say: “Let it rain!”


Ok, back on track


My wife made me wash the back of our house, which faces North the week before Christmas it was so bad and I’d just done it late Spring. And I’ve got some spare soap buckets out behind my fence that have only been there a few months and noticed today they were all mildewed up. Hopefully a good year for both of us.


I hear ya…I hope you stay busier this year than last, neighbor!


You should be rocking up there. Asheville booming and you don’t have nearly as many big dogs up there as I’ve got down here.


I wish…seeing more brand new machines on trucks and trailers every day…I think NC is the new FL


HCP IS so very intuitive, and because we know it, our use is rote. By that I mean we don’t have to think we just push buttons and things happen the way we are used to. THERE WILL BE A LEARNING CURVE. That learning curve and the hit and miss customer support is why I don’t work with Steve at The Customer Factor. I am starting my trial period today so that by the fourth week of January I will know whether to jump or stay put. This is the right time of the year for me to make this move, because I’ve slowed down enough to need something to do…


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: There’s that silver lining. I just received the news last night that I have a very aggressive bladder cancer and that it may well require the removal of my bladder. I had surgery last week to remove the tumor and biopsy indicates that it’s gone into the muscle wall of my bladder.

I’m getting old and my prostate gives me fits. When I arrive at a customer’s home I find a place in their yard to pee before I unreel my hoses.I’ll probably need it before I’m done. The good news about this is if they remove my bladder I will never need to pee again and my prostate can grow as big as an apple if it wants and I’ll never have the urge to pee every 10 minutes… See, the silver lining.


Im sorry to hear that man… sounds like treatment plan is good and your thoughts are positive.


@Tiptop18 how do you import a customer list? Left a message with them, just curious if there is something im missing.



I’ll be researching alternative treatment as soon as I have the specific name for this malignancy. I’m 60, so if I live another 3 hours, 3 or 30 years, in the end nobody gets out alive. I DO have many regrets. As @Innocentbystander so aptly put it, my past IS rather sordid. But i don’t get caught up in the past any more than I’m getting caught up in this cancer. I live in the moment, grateful for everything good in this life.


Went to Alaska in September and they average over 150" of rain a year! This is from Ketchikan Alaska they were already at 170" of rain in September thats just insane to me.


Stay strong my friend


Thinking of ya buddy.


@Tiptop18. Never mind, Markate told me to email them the file and they’ll upload it for me.

If everything goes through I’ll be switching this evening


I am not a religious man in the traditional sense but 100% pulling for you. As I’ve told you before I think your openness and supportive personality adds a lot. It’s so easy to get caught up in work and lose perspective. If there is anything we can do to help let us know!


Very sorry to hear that. I hope it all works out. If you need anything please dont hesitate to ask. Were here for ya!