Amazing CRM and More! Affordable called MARKATE


I like Customer Factor but I hate the layout for estimates, invoices and scheduling under each customer.
Does Markate allow you to add picture(s) other than a logo to estimates and invoices?
Does it cost extra for text automated text messages or e-mails?
Is the $25 a month the base plan and you have to pay to get the “good stuff”?


From what I see $25 covers ALOT. There are a few items for $5 (ask customers for reviews) (contact form plugin for website) and a few other things.


I could do the customer reviews myself if it has an e-mail automation.


The email and text marketing is an add on, and add ons cost a whopping $5.


I think I can swing $5.


OK been testing this out and Im sold! Another SWEET feature on mobile is the virtual estimator. Simply type in a prospects address and start measuring. This is amazing for bidding flat work.


We very well may owe @Tiptop18 a debt of gratitude for bringing this software to our attention. Thanks @Tiptop18


And to imagine this was headed to the grave yard.

I did notice one bug while testing. When the text is sent to the customer a link is included to auto add it to the phones calendar. The time will not be entered correctly into three phones that I have tried. I’ll report the bug soon, and I’m sure they’ll fix it.

What’s nice about the bug is that I can just remove the link as it’s optional.


I’m seriously intrigued by this software. And not because of the cost. I’m locked in at $24/month for HouseCall, and only 1.99% CC processing. I think I’m even locked in on postcards at 50¢/pc or something ridiculously low, but I’ve never bothered with that feature.

What I really want to know, is if Markate is easier to use/more intuitive than HCP? Does it require 6 dozen clicks to go from adding a new customer, to getting them an invoice for their service or for a deposit? (Oh, does it have the option for taking deposits?!? I’ve been requesting that feature for years from the HCP folks)
HCP feels so incredibly clunky and slow in that regard.

Also, does it integrate with QuickBooks? I need real accounting capabilities, not some built-in toys.


No that is one of the things I do like about the program that there is not any problems. it’s extremely easy to enter a new customer and it is extremely easy to do all of the postcard mailings and marketing. there are some features that you will not see in any other type of CRM. Julia is extremely nice and I would highly recommend


Yes, it integrates with Quickbooks.


For field techs, does it allow you to see their location via gps?
Also can you have a check list for techs and get notified when they mark things off?


I’m sold. I’m gonna do it when I get back from NC


@DoubleH if Im not mistaken, someone just asked about the checklist recently on their FB page. I don’t think that is available at the moment, but it might be something they are looking into. I will try to go back and look to see what was said about it on the FB page. And not sure about tracking employees either.


The description in their app on Google Play says:
Manage customers with GPS location connected to google maps
I would assume that means it is tracking employees.


I noticed this too and emailed them and let them know the issue and they supposedly said they fixed it. This was a couple of days ago. Their support so far is out of this world.


took me 4 clicks in hcp today


River is at flood stage. Raft trip will be interesting. Might not make it back from NC


Does anyone have a promo code to sign up with?


Going to be worse after tomorrow. We’re both going to get pounded. We’re washing away down here. 20" in past 35 days.
But I love it. You can literally almost see the mildew growing on the sides of houses, lol.