Amazing CRM and More! Affordable called MARKATE


I was hesitant to switch at first just because I was used to hcp already, but I dont regret it a bit. All the features for the cost was worth it to me.


Did you/or is it easy to transfer your customer list over from HCP ?

Also does markate have an app that is mobile friendly? Phone and tablet?

One thing I hate with HCP is that there app for IPad is garbage


I didn’t even know they had developed one. I just use the browser version on my iPad. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into HCP, but I ain’t married to 'em. I wonder if MARKATE participates with Zapier?


@Patriotspwashing yeah, I was able to transfer all of my customers, estimates, invoices, and everything from hcp. On hcp you just download the file and upload it on markate. I didnt lose anything at all when I switched.


And yea the app is mobile friendly i have it on phone and ipad.


I might be sold, I like HCP but Markate looks like a good value, more features. I’ll gjve them a ring at the end of the week to start a free trial to play around with it.

Is there a referral program, so I can throw you a bone


I honestly don’t know if there is any referral program or not. I haven’t seen or heard anything about it. Its no big deal to me though. I think once you play around with it a little you will like it though, and if you are on Facebook join their page, tons of info and any issue you have you can post there and they will address it. Excellent customer service.


I don’t think you will be disappointed. I haven’t used HCP, but the features on Markate seem like they outweigh those on other programs. And like @akinat041said, their customer service is top notch. Give Julia a call (Julia Markate on facebook) and she will gladly spend some time answering questions. Good luck!


Thank you everyone who recommended Markate. It blows House Call Pro out of the water!!

I’ve been messing with it for about an hour and am blown away.

Things I like

  1. email automation for follow ups for estimates that have not converted into a job. I usually do this manually, but it sucks and takes ALOT of time

  2. Inquries… I like you can input customer information and can keep track of it so you know if you have done the estimate or not. This is useful when people call… in HCP there was no way to seperate these from the rest of your customers without using a tag.

This will be huge, I use a virtual assistant company to answer my calls, and then they type up the info and email it to me…the I put into HCP. Now the Virtual Assistant can I input for me in Markate and I can go in and easily keep it organized and know the status of the inquiry.

Also the plug in contact form that automatically converts it into a inquiry in Markate will be awesome.

  1. The price is great

Thank You guys!! I feel like this is what I have been needing. The issue of keeping track of people that call the VA office and the contact form is a few of the last things I need to automate and have been trouble figuring out.


Can you upload photos to customers account?


Yes. Before and after


I signed up for two weeks with no credit card or anything just to mess with it. Give it a try


Go check out the web page MARKATE.COM and spend an hour looking at the knowledge database. MOST IMPRESSIVE!!!

That outlines the many layers of Markate


How much is that bad boy per month? I’m pretty happy with CF though.


Plus I like that CF integrates with Send Jim. But I like that the accounting is integrated with the Markate and if I’m going to change, this would be the time of year to do.

Has anyone been able to transfer customer records into it yet?


Someone above says that it was easy. I’ll try later on tonight


Get this Rick: Markate replaces SendJim without the membership fees and charge onlu 80 cents for an 8X6 card. Thewy will do a circumference around your customer (less sophisticated than SendJim) but filter your results based on demographics (more sophisticated. So you can put thgat SendJim moiney back in your pocket too.


Let me know how it goes.


I did the Send Jim lifetime deal year or so ago, so doesn’t cost me squat other than the cards. Of course don’t ask me how many times I’ve used. Heck, can’t keep up most the time as it is.


Neither could I keep up with it, so I asked for my 2 year membership back this afternoon. Moriah from SendJim has left, and she’s staying in the business of creating print media for people like us. SO, Ill just get her to handle things with Markate, and if theat doesn’t work out I could al;ways go back to SendJim and get her to handle it there. She left on good terms.