Alternatives to BLACK TIP for fresh water rinsing

Hey guys hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to get back Washing💕 tomorrow. I have been using a dedicated 12v to apply bleach water and surfactant house mix. While also using my 8gpm cold water pressure washer to rinse. For this rinsing i have been using the black fan tip. Recently I have been thinking that there must be a specific tip just for rinsing. Anyone have any advice to lend…?

Buy an adjustable tip from a big box store for 9$. I used one in a pinch this weekend, worked great

M5ds and never look back. I keep one as rated for 8gpm and one for 2-3gpm when a bit more pressure is required. Pair that with the schertz box and you’ll be content. @SchertzServicesLLC


Shooter tip

Also, get a 2.1 ds injector, put soap in straight 12.5, and never have to mix or proportion stuff again. It’ll pull around 18:1. That’s a lot of extra work and rolling hoses doing it the way you’re washing. You can get 3 story peaks easy with an 8 gpm and a shooter nozzle.

Man, if you have an 8gpm and are only rinsing with it, and with a black tip, you really needed to call me or someone and get your hands plan together. You are killing yourself with your methods


Ive read where someone mentioned using a 1/4in air nozzle as shooter tip, something like 50-60ft stream. Im going to give it a shot next.
Edit: not sure if he mant a barb or actual air nozzle that can be used into a qc.

For like $4 y’all can buy an actual tip, no need to reinvent the wheel or try different things


This is so truen

@Innocentbystander i realize downstreaming might be faster, I like keeping the bleach AWAY in the back of the rig and not up next to my pressure washer. I have electric reels so pulling cords is easy.

What methods would you suggest?

Everyone I am asking for a tip that would act similar to the fan, not a direct shoot. BASICALLY A TIP THAT RINSES BEST.

Contact mike moon the guy who makes the quad rod he can point you in the right direction

Everyone told you how to down stream in your other thread. You’ll be much more efficient and you’ll use less sh than the 3% you’re currently using on houses.

Order this, get rid of the 2nd story rinse tip, and order Guy’s Shooter Tip.


Downstreaming. If your bleach tank is sealed it doesn’t matter where it sits. Run the vent tube wherever you want it to be. 2550 and 0050 are all you need for washing. If you are using 4 nozzles you are doing something wrong. M5DS is ok for up two two stories but the fins bend very easily.


Connect your injector to the swivel on the reel. problem solved


Why would you need it next to your PW? You can put it wherever you want. I have a jumper from my PW to my reel (where my injector is) and then my hose runs from my injector to my chem tank. No need for it to be next to your PW. Maybe I’m just not understanding what your saying. I didn’t really understand your electric reels and pulling cords either though

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Listen to @Innocentbystander if you know what’s good for you… Use the nozzles he suggested and order them for pressuretek. Start downstreaming and stop using your 12v for vinyl houses asap. I believe you have a lot of research to do before you try to get busy with this business or you’ll find yourself making a mistake you can’t fix due to lack of knowledge. Using 3% on any vinyl house is insane… Listen to the advice you’ve been given and keep researching daily about the ways to wash safely. Read read and read some more. When you think you know enough, keep reading.


I believe you’re thinking to hard and making it more difficult than it needs to be.


I turned it down to 1.5% with much luck. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

I kinda like my system using the 12v for house washes. Why is it such a poor idea. I used to downstream with my 4200 Simpson lol and it was hard reaching the peeks.

I don’t mind pulling out an extra cord because it’s easy and fast to reel up.

WHY is everyone all for downstreaming?

Also still open to good rinsing TIP recomendaciones.

You already got the only recommendations you need. Use a 2550 and 0050 as IBS mentioned or a M5DS like Harold mentioned. You don’t need anything else for soaping or rinsing. Some like the adjustable M5DS and some don’t. I personally prefer to use a jrod but I do pull out the M5DS every now and then.

The reason everyone prefers do down stream is it’s quicker and more efficient even when soaping. There’s no reason to pull out a 12v for basic house washes.

You don’t even need 1.5% for house washes or at least for vinyl. You can come down even lower.

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