Advice on Cleaning Stucco Siding

Is this stucco? What’s best way to clean/downstream this type of home exterior? I’ve been using SH on concrete houses but I’m thinking downstreaming a degreaser would be better. Thoughts on mix or process would be greatly appreciated!

Not moldy just very dirty.

If youre just trying to clean general dirt you could start with by using just a surfactant like Elemonator. It will help release the dirt, dust etc on the house. It wouldnt hurt to just use your House Mix

My house mix is basically straight SH and surfactant. I can’t mix degreaser in there, correct? Would it be better to use degreaser and surfactant rather than SH if it’s just dirty?

Adding a degreaser to a house washing mix can bite you in the butt.

Use your regular house wash mix first.

Ok. My house wash mix is straight SH and surfactant. What’s your typical house wash mix?

Being downstreamed…

That’ll be fine. That’s what we do

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My surfactant sucks. I bought it locally to support the shop but it thin and weak. I’m torn between snotmenade, elemonator, and smart cherry.

Lots use elemonator. I switched to slomo for better price for how much you use. no scent though

The shipping cost almost as much as the product

Read this @pressureman33

It explains in detail

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Unless there is grease on it, I wouldn’t use degreaser. Chemicals generally work best doing their intended purpose. Degreasers work great on grease, but don’t rinse well and may dull surfaces that are shiny. Like a few others have said, downstream straight 12.5 with elemonator. Warm water (not hot) also helps if you have a hot water machine.

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That’s DryVit/EIFS/whatever you call it in your locale. Be very careful when rinsing. I popped a quarter size hole in some a while back. It was about 20’ up on the house and my low pressure shooter tip knocked it loose. It’s just styrofoam backing with a thin skim coat of texture over it. Very easy to damage.

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I appreciate the advice haha I’ve seen the guy Blackman shooter tip and considered getting one and popping in a jrod but now displaced has me thinking I’m going to be blasting holes in peoples houses.

You’re not going to blast holes lol that chunk of DryVit was likely already loose from someone putting a ladder against it or something. I rinsed 5 identical archways with the same tip before that happened. But, yes, it is very delicate stuff. It feels hard until you punch through it then you’ll see how flimsy it really is.

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See the white styrofoam showing through already? That’s how thin the skim coat is.


Wow. This is my neighbors house so I’m going to go take another close look tomorrow. Crazy that’s the exterior of a house…