Using a JROD to Control Downstream Soap?

Yikes. I’ll keep that in mind! I’m torn between getting a Jrod or M5 nozzle for my downstream house washes. What do you prefer @DisplacedTexan ?

I know you asked displaced about it but thought I’d chime in.

If you have a remote soap injector, m5 is faster.

If you don’t have that ability you can just a high pressure tip to turn it off.

J rods have rinse tips with a smaller orifice to turn the soap off due to the higher back pressure

Some just prefer one over the other. I started with a quad rod. Pretty much a jrod but built different. This year I’m running the m5 twist with a remote and I also carry the original shooter tip incase I need some more height

Why do you insist on spreading bad advice to newbies? Just no.

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Get the JROD. The “Quad Rod” is cheap plastic junk that will not live up to commercial use in the long run. I have the M5 and didn’t like it. I even tried giving it away to @garry.cooper for free. I’m sure the M5 is fine if you only need fan or stream but the JROD allows you to have multiple configurations based on what you do most often. Mine is set up for a soap low fan, soap high fan, soap shooter and one for wood that puts me around 1100 psi with my 8gpm. Don’t waste your money. Get the JROD. Once you know what you do most you can set it up to suit your needs.

I have a GX690 8gpm but I have a ridiculously long lance (@Racer) so my plan is to get a suttner gun with 6”-12” lance and now you’ve helped me settle on jrod.

Now just need to figure out which jrod to get for my soft / roof wash 12v gun…

I’ve been reading and reading guys I’m trying to absorb it all!!

There are more people that use a J rod with small orifices to stop the injector from pulling soap then there are people who turn off soap with a remote, turn a valve, or pull out the drop tube. This is how the majority of people start. It’s not bad advice it’s an industry standard. Everyone uses high pressure tips for example a turbo to do work. Side effects of using these tips is that it doesn’t allow the injector to pull soap. Not bad advice

I don’t use a lance on my main gun at all. Just put a QC there and run a JROD. I carry a separate gun with a 36" lance and then I have a 70" extension. At least I think it’s 70".

For THIS situation, don’t use high pressure direct on this type of material as you will damage it. But smaller orifice tips will stop soap.

Sweet. I will do just that. Pressure tek has the jrod already with tips for the 8gpm like you mentioned low soap high soap low rinse hi rinse.

Those low rinse high rinse nozzles have smaller orifices which creates a higher pressure in the hose and stops the injector from pulling soap. You have that option or a soap nozzle and manually stopping soap like I mentioned above

Even spraying with my soap tip on the 8 gpm makes such a mess just from the thrust it blows the dirt and mulch everywhere making life much for difficult. Hopefully this setup will be smoother since I’m doing mostly 1 stories but in tight spaces. (Side of houses are tight and close to fences, other houses)

Yes, it is bad advice. You never use a high pressure tip to stop your soap when washing a house. Just because people do it doesn’t make it right. If you’re too lazy to walk back to the truck to switch from soap to rinse then you probably won’t last long in this business. Your examples of using turbo nozzles etc make absolutely zero sense. No one needs to be pushing soap through a turbo nozzle and I can guarantee you that I’ve put in more hours with a turbo on the end of my lance than the vast majority of people on this site. You have this weird proclivity to give out bad advice and then get defensive when someone tells you that you’re giving out bad advice. Just accept that what you said was wrong and should not be thrown out to a newbie who likely doesn’t know any better and go on with your day. We’re all wrong now and then. You’re not special.

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I’m going to say this one last time. If the orifice is small enough to create enough pressure to stop pulling soap, it is too much pressure to apply to someone’s home.

Never said anyone was pulling soap through their turbo?

The example using the turbo was the smaller orifice creating back pressure which is why the injector doesn’t draw soap.

It’s not bad advice you just have a method you prefer.

A low rinse nozzle doesn’t damage anything… the reason they call it a “low” rinse is because it’s usually a 45 degree fan which spreads the water enough. Just because it’s “high pressure” coming out the tip doesn’t mean it hits the material with that same pressure, especially if you are backed up about 5 ft.

high rinse nozzles have barely any pressure by the time they travel 30 ft in the air. It’s the same pressure as a garden hose by the time it lands on the material up high.

That’ll get you started for sure. Eventually you’ll swap tips out for others once you learn how to read a nozzle chart and know what the majority of the work you’re going to be doing is.

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I use the tip I soap with to rinse with. I just use a remote ds to switch off the soap.

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Why on God’s green earth would you even have your injector line in the soap bucket when using a turbo? See? Doesn’t make a lick of sense now does it?

Same here. Before the Schertzbox I walked my fat butt back to the trailer EVERY TIME I had to switch from soap to rinse. But, no, let’s tell new guys to just use a high pressure tip to stop soap…

You have different methods and a different setup. Not all use your method. Both methods work. Some have their injector hard plumbed to their mix tank, other use drop tubes. Either way is fine. Some use a bypass, some dont. Different methods for different people. Not right or wrong

Some don’t bypass their injector then surface cleaning some do. The turbo tip example was to show you that you can use high pressure tips while an injector is hooked on the line with no issues. Just like when most surface clean and don’t have a bypass. They don’t remove their injector half the time they surface clean. As a result of using higher pressure tips it just doesn’t pull soap.

Using higher pressure tips doesn’t damage things if you know how to use it. I would never use a high rinse tip 3 inches from the siding of a house but I’ll use a 45 degree high pressure tip to rinse 5 10 ft away all day.