$99 guy just became something of the past


Same here. I’m wondering what it’s going to be like after the holidays. Still in my first year so I don’t know yet. A few guys out of Texas said they wash all year and we have the same weather mostly. Hopefully the same market.

@Kps0410 how are the winter months for you?


We’re staying busy but not blowing any doors down. After next week I’ll be caught up until the first of the year. Once we get New Years behind us I’m going to spend January focusing on selling selling commercial work. Probably the last week of January I will run a winter special eddm campaign. I’m ready for March / April to get here.


My last call a few minutes ago booked for July. Most of next year is booked but we’re two weeks behind for this year. Got a lot of catching up to do because of weather


Im still too new at this business to realize how impressive it is being booked through July. How tuff it is to get there. I dont know if its simply a build up of relationships (and good work) over the years, or your a “real man of genius”. I will figure out in time how to do it God willing. But for now, I say this; 18% of my revenue went to adverts. Crumbs for you, life and death for me. I would rather pay that for the knowledge of how to get booked out that far in advance, rather than pay once, earn once, repeat. Any tips?


I am about 90% commercial with about 10 management companies making up my work load. That’s good in the sense that they don’t bother with getting estimates. They just send me a list every July(their budget year starts then typically) with a list of about 100 properties they want scheduled thru out the year. It is bad in the sense that one management company dropping me means I lost 10% of by business. I have been with some of them for 20 years. No more advertising or internet presence. It didn’t happen over night though. Keep plugging along. Better to approach HOA, management companies, etc personally than spend money advertising if you want commercial work.


Thank you!


Been reading this one for a while :blush:

Loving all the opinions and different points of view people have on it. It’s great to get some new perspectives on things.

My outlook is that there’s a portion of the market that will use the $99 service, and that’s that. (They can have that portion too :+1:t2:)

There’s a car detailer around here who advertises cleaning a car for $25. Knowing how much work goes into cleaning a car, I would never pay this person to do it for $25.

Yes, he might be able to do it, he might make money at it too, but my perception is what makes me say no and look elsewhere.

“Too Cheap” is a thing - at least for a good slice of the market.


I would never pay $25 for a car wash. I am usually good for a year or two between truck washes but my wife uses the drive thru at Sheetz and we both think that is as waste of $6, but the kids like riding thru it.


@Innocentbystander he claims to do the inside AND outside for $25. Windows, vacuuming etc.


That might be worth it but still sounds high to me


High? Whaaaat? Really?

I wouldn’t drive across town to wash a dirty black car on a hot day, clean all the rubbish out of it, vacuum it, clean the dash, the trunk, do the windows, inside and out for $25 :open_mouth:

You’d want to pay less than $25?

My point was that he is too CHEAP ha ha.

Edit - $25 AUD is only $17 USD.

But you’d see it as $35 when I say $25.


I wouldn’t wash a car for $100 but I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for some one to wash it and vacuum it out.


Only if you live in an urban area that allows you to move quickly from job to job. I try to get house washing, gutters and windows at one place and stay all day because my jobs are often 45 min - 1 hr apart driving time.

I do a lot of flat rate pricing but I present it in ranges. Small vinyl house $150 - $200, medium size house $225 - $275, large vinyl $300 - $400, etc… I usually satisfy the customer’s main question which is “can I afford this?” and yet I leve myself a little wiggle room.

Exactly, I have a rural market but because of the lake areas and the fact that it’s hard to get reputable home services contractors out this way, we can command much higher prices. On the converse though, our expenses are higher because of a lack of suppliers nearby. SH is $4 a gallon for me.

I agree, why not just make it $39 if your going to upcharge everything? I once offered a $129 gutter cleaning (any size house) and about lost my shirt on massive homes with gutter guards and 40 foot peaks etc… never again, lol.


Are you going to actually use it?


Don’t blame me. I’m still booked up through next week.


Oh yah probably going to do a whole social media campaign with it .


Cool. I’ve bought so many different domain names over the years and done nothing with them that I wish I had all that money back. I have owned “pressurewashingmadeeasy(.)com” for years and can’t even figure out how to use it, lol.


I should be more clear. I’m not doing anything computer related. I’ll have a web company do it. If I tried I would probably crash Facebook. I have no idea how to do any of that


Chad Johnson in TN mentioned a site he wanted years ago. I got my wife to buy it and have it to him after he subbed his first job from me.


East Tennessee Power Washing?