$99 guy just became something of the past


It’s yours. Merry Xmas . Lol


How can you tell it’s the slow season?

This thread.


I’d rather do one house at $379 and leverage my reviews then hope to wash 4 $99 houses and hope they’re all happy. I can do $700-1000 a day on two value conscious homeowners’ properties and I’m home by 2:30. I’ll take that ANYDAY.

But to each their own. It’s not my business. It’s his and I’m happy for him.


I’m actually eating lunch. I have one more roof to clean today. Nothing slow here I’m booked up to Xmas eve but I get what your saying.


The problem with a lot of people who want stuff done at bottom dollar is most of those folks won’t be happy with the end product at any price.

I rarely do just a north side for $99 unless I’m doing 6 of them in an HOA.


Exactly…the customers mindset.

120k house and below ( super high chance of complaints)

120k-200k (blue collar hard workers, usually most complaints are valid)

200k - 300k ( you could show up, not even wash the house, and they would be happy, give you 5 star review, and a bunch of referrals)

300k +. Your dealing with a whole different breed, either really easy to do work for, or a huge PITA


That is the reverse of anything I have ever experienced. I won’t even give a price on a high end home because the owners are picky, want to meet you, want to be there, want an in person estimate. $150 homes are getting washed because they got a complaint letter from the HOA or they like the price. All they have to do is call me back when they have 3 or 4 neighbors they want it done at the same time. I pretty much only do houses on Friday now, and then no more than 12 or 15, so it’s easier to just do no thanks when they call. But, cookie cutter, starter homes are the ticket for me.


There is enough work in my area and no one needs cut the market price in half to get a job. I’ll repeat, in my area. Those guys are either new to the industry and don’t know enough, or hacks. The hacks make it harder for the rest of us because some homeowners don’t know the house is only getting rinsed except for one wall. They tell their friends I got my house done for $ when the rest of us charge $$$. Now everyone they tell expect us to be at $. We try to meet the new guys and help them out. There is enough work in my area for everyone to do well.


I can’t remember the last time I got a complaint. But I’m not online so people can’t be cowards about it. Also I consider myself in the customer service Buisness more than the cleaning Buisness. Closest thing I get to complaints is people wishing they were there when the work was being done Incase they want to add work. Unfortunately there is no way I can give exact times just expected dates


If I charged $499 instead of $99 I’m sure my customers would be much pickier . I honestly never have any issues


Brother from another mother. @squidskc will be a convert by the second week of January


If your over sensitive or your kids are looking scroll faster

This is like finding out Santa isn’t real


I’ve noticed the opposite. Wealthier neighborhoods/homeowners know I’m not going to make their home look new. They tend to have reasonable expectations and if I washed their neighbors house they’re mostly upset they didn’t hire us first.

They know they’re just maintaining stuff between paint jobs. Average suburban neighborhoods are hoping I’ll turn their house into what they thought it look like before they bought it.


Crap, you just ruined my Christmas




If nothing else you have to love IBS’s sense of humor. I think I understand him about 50% of the time though! :upside_down_face:




I get it. My phone been ringing off the hook past 2 days. People with company coming just realized they need to get house cleaned, lol


Well, if Santa ain’t real, then me and the wife gotta have a talk about why I only get a few lumps of coal every year and she gets new shoes and jewelry…and who the heck the kids saw her kissing Christmas Eve lol!


Mine hasn’t been ringing off the hook per se, but I have gotten 4 calls this week which is 4 more than I’ve ever gotten after thanksgiving. I don’t work winters, but if there’s demand enough I might fill a week for funsies.