$99 guy just became something of the past




He must be from FL. I hear that’s going rate down there.


I picture that company with some cheesy jingle radio ad.


Interesting. He does any vinyl house for $79.95 and he does painting. I wonder if he tries to get painting work out of people to supplement or is heavy on the upsell of other services. It’s just too low of a price otherwise.


South Carolina area code hahah!


I guess he’s not doing 150 houses this week.


Nothing wrong with that business model. It works for everyone from McDonalds to Walmart. Volume makes up for a lot.


I’d rather be Target than Walmart but lots room for everyone.


I washed a 6000 sq ft house over the summer that had 3 sides vinyl. Is he washing that for $79 (for any vinyl house)?? He also says he washes $300-1500 houses as well. The $79 is just a gimmick. He probably charges for each gable end, extra for soffits, fascia, and gutters, extra for front porches…before the people know it they’re paying $250-300 for a house wash because it’s not a 1000 square ft rectangular box.


Exactly … guy around me does that. He had left his quote on a door hanger on a house I was washing (customer lived in another state). It was broken down like you described.


I invited him to the forum. Pretty big outfit and a good business.


Well if he is washing 180 houses per week one thing is for sure he knows how to find and book jobs. Has to be more to it than riding around with a sign on your truck. I would be interested in hearing how he does it.



I just wasted an hour of my night on Facebook reading John T and Doug Rucker argue like children. Entertaining though


Those two could be twins in thought and manners lol. Bunch of talking to hear each other talk.


My uncle used to tell me that when all is said and done more is said than done.


Saying something costs 79 dollars then adding a bunch of extras on for things that should be in included is not good business… its being dishonest. I’m not saying that’s what he does or that’s whats happening but if it is that’s not good business. That’s as bad as harassing your potential customers to the point they hate you like the clowns up north do. Deceptive advertisement is not something I could ever support, no matter how successful the business.


Wal-Mart make more than ACE hardware
Ford make more than Ferrari
This list can go on forever.
Most companies realize high volume at lower cost produces a more stable income with better growth.
I for one consider myself the $99 guy . In fact it’s on my trucks. Since my trucks are my main source of advertising they are being rewrapped in January so the $99 house wash is more visible.


Most folks can’t wrap their head around this. Nothing wrong with spending half a day upselling gutters, drives etc on a house to make $700, but I’d rather knock out 25 little houses in one community for $150 each in a day


I think you’re right about the upsell.

That low $99 number will turn more heads and generate calls from some people who wouldn’t normally call because it’s so low. From a distance they might not notice vinyl only and call anyway.

Some will be an instant no when they find out about addons. I think it’s a volume thing too. It works in business but its more of a grind and attracts bottom feed feeders sometimes.