8gpm hot water skid VS. 2- 4gpm with separate heater

I am building this unit now.

I was about to buy this hot water unit below to feed out of two gx390 units making 8gpm…

I am thinking of now buying this unit below.

I would then be able to run my 2 - gx390 cold and a dedicated hot water skid at the same time form my 275 gal buffer (obviously we would need to be mindful of use time while working together but still good)

That’s not a good idea

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Not good

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So plumb two machines into one line, feed it to the heater, seperate the exit line into two hoses and wash.

You are asking to be broken down every 5 minutes and ruining something here.

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Okay okay so my plan is to just send the two machines through the hot water unit and then normally out of the hose.



So you are gonna send two machines to one heater and keep one gun at the end like a simease kit.

If you are not running this full time than it might work for you. Keep a spaire simease kit. If you are running it full time than get the 8 and don’t mess around with a setup like this.

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Also, keep in mind you are most likely gonna have lots of problems down the road. I see this being a once a month setup at best. Just to many things that can go wrong.

I am surprised I spoke on the phone with some guys that build these and they said Siamese joining of two 4gpm works like a charm…

It does work like a charm until something fails. If you are going to be using this full time order two of the kits from russ.

or better yet get the 8gpm. This is your money maker. The thing you don’t cheap out on if possible is your equipment.

If your gonna go PP ,midas well save yourself some Benjamins and free shipping. But if you got the coin ,I’d go Landa,Hotsy,Hydro Tek or Alkota… And get a dbl axle trailer.
My 2 cents.

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Okay let me start off by saying thank you to everyone for sharing your feedback. As of now my new idea is this…

  1. Hold off on buying the

  1. Get comfortable with the two gx390 Siamese style 8gpm cold water and a new softwash system…

  2. Replace with the 8gpm Honda Gx690 hot water skid (quickly) and use that as THE main source. Which is okay using as main source no?

  3. Run the Siamese twin gx390 8gpm cold water output as a second unit for our employee…

Thanks :pray:

100% would need to search and call around for the best price! Thanks for the info…

Once you have one good 8gpm machine running, sell off the two 4gpm machines and build another 8. Even doing a cheap predator build will be less headache than having the siamesed machines. You’ll also save fuel, space, and weight. You could build a gear drive Udor and Predator machine for around $2k

Two machines running equals twice the headaches

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Okay so I hear the 2 machines will not go together because of how the pump are set up. Anyways I am looking at the Honda 8gpm hot water rigs. Is 3500 sufficient psi or is it best to spent another 2grand and get 4000 psi?

Yes, definitely need the 4k psi. And two ball valves. And a soft wash system


How long’s it gonna be before you see a return on app this equioment. Are you financing it?