8 gpm machine purchase - 3K or 3.5K

we are purchasing our starter machine and have been looking at the Pressure Pro 8 GPM machines, there are two, one is 3000 psi and the other 3.5K psi. It’s about a 400 price spread.
I assume it’s the same pump, with the Horse Power providing the psi difference.
I like the fact the GX690 has a few more horses and would run “less hard” and may run cooler and smoother under load. Do you folks feel the extra horse power and psi warrant the cost differential? I am not looking to go “cheep” I am looking to go “quality and reliability” as an investment in my business.
Thank is advance.

My thought is always go as big as you can. A lot of folks say that the psi rating is high. I’m going to go with 3500 when I bite the bullet early next year

I think the pump is the same, just the horse power difference. I assume the greater horse power provides a better run and longevity for a little bit more fuel.
Are you saying the PSI claims are bogus with these units?

If you are gonna spend 3k…go ahead and spend 400 more and get the higher PSI.

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Yeah, I probably will, but I think I will do the higher psi not for the “higher psi”, but for the higher horse power as I believe the engine will run at a better power curve and the lower HP engine may run harder, that’s just my thoughts, however valid or invalid they are. Just looking for other’s thoughts on these two machines. My thought is a 3500 psi mated with a 24 horse will run longer and more reliably than a 3000 psi with a 19 horse. It all ends up a business expense, so I can go either way.

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Yeah, and worth remembering, this pressure washing is easier on engines than a lot things. You won’t see these engines run 2500 or 3000hrs on a zero turn mower, like the do on pressure washers. So, whichever you go with, it will run a lot of hours if serviced properly.

@Innocentbystander I believe it was you I remember saying the psi ratings are higher than actual.

Honda doesn’t sell a 24 hp. You are limited to a gx690 at 8 gpm and 3k psi. If you want 3500 and 8 gpm you have to find a different engine. Remember, vendors lie on specs to sell equipment.


Go with the 24HP engine. It’s a hell of an engine. I purchased the 3500 8GPM from Pressure Pro and haven’t had any issues as of yet. Too early to tell anyhow.

so the 3500 PSI is not an accurate claim?
Is Pressure Pro making false claims?
That’s a bold assumption. Is the listed link a false specification?
I would like to bring that to their attention, promptly.
I swear I saw they claim 8gpm @ 3500 PSI.
If that is BS, I’d be interested in that, for sure.
Where are you getting your specs?
So whom is lying?


Gx690 make 22.1 hp at 3600 rpm. Formula is gpm X psi / 1100 equals hp. You can’t cheat math. Pressurepro is garbage in my opinion.

Where are you from?

I’ve got 2 Pressure Pros and love them as do a lot of people I know. Both have outperformed their ratings. See that attached pic and the numbers on the TSF2021 pump. Notice pump revs at 1750 but at 21hp does produce 8.5 at 3600psi. On mine I get 8.7gpm at 3550. Go with the 3500 because you’re going to lose about 600psi thru 200 ft of hose.

The ad you referenced says 24hp but that was prior to all the manf. having to restate there hp ratings back in 2013. IBS is correct on hp rating.

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I respect @Racer. If he it’s getting those readings at the pump that’s great. But I think it’s an anomaly. Math and physics are hard to get around. Pressure pro is built on a thin aluminum skid. They come with non honda mufflers without heat shields that don’t dissipate heat as well or have the supports of the original exhaust system. If you are only running them a few hours a day and you tighten the belts religiously they may work for you. If you run them 8 to 10 hours a day, get the goid exhaust,udor pump and and solid steel skid. Pressure pro allows a 5 or 10% variation to their claimed specs.

I am located in Maryland

I would build my own if the parts were readily available, I am handy that way. I just assumed that it would be too costly and that certainly these outfits can do it more cheaply than I could, perhaps I am wrong in that respect. Is there consideration in moving in that direction? I have plenty of time, as water cannot be used outdoors in this area for a few more months…

True story. My 8gpm 3500psi machine puts out 8gpm at 3k

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I thought the aluminum flex was negated by the belt drive. What is the weak link in the design? Does it lead to premature belt failure?

Hi @Innocentbystander,
I’m in the market for a 8GPM hot water machine and noticed your comment about Pressurepro. I’m just collecting opinions and so am wondering what brand 8GPM hot water you prefer or recommend over Pressurepro? Thanks in advance-

My local Landa dealer has shelves upon shelves of engines, pumps, hot boxes. I’m darn near certain I could have them build one with a used Honda and a rebuilt Landa pump, heck even new, for less than a brand new pressure pro.

Everyone needs a Landa dealer.

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