8 GPM Gear Drive Build

I received the IGX800 & Udor 8 GPM gear drive pump today. I also purchased the heat treated key for the pump. I am waiting for the ZK1 unloader & block and hope to have everything mounted by next week. I also need to order all new nozzles for the 8 GPM. I am using the aluminum channel for my skid until I can get around to building one.


That’s going to be a primo machine! Well done.

My skid cost a total of $27, it’s a sheet of 5/16" steel I got from the scrapyard, mounted on four A/C vibration footings. Solid as a rock and takes my thermos almost 10 minutes to fall off the fender


Thanks!! Nice score on the skid material for sure. I am excited about making the jump from the 4 GPM to the 8 GPM unit. I got some mounts off of Amazon that I used on my 4 GPM unit. Trying to figure a fuel tank option. I believe the fuel line size is 5/16 or 1/4.

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I just run a standard horizontal 6 gal. tank, about 3 feet away and level with my machine. Should get you through most of the day, definitely will if you carry a 5 gallon spare

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I have been looking at the plastic 6 gallon tanks. I have a couple of extra cans I carry for back up.

Very nice my friend :ok_hand::ok_hand:.

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Thanks MMH!

Go buy you a 13-20 gal tank. You’ll burn about 1/gal per hour. Having to fill up your tank every 5 hours is a pain. You never get every little bit out of a tank because of the pickup. I’ve got 13 and wish I had bigger.


Thanks Racer!

That’s bigger motor, I think that will burn more like 1.5 per hour, unless the efi makes it more efficient

Supposedly, the EFI is more fuel efficient.

Do you think 1" or 1.5" on the supply line? Trying to get the part together and I am thinking the 1.5" but not sure.


I run 1.5" on mine (7gpm), but it is admittedly overkill. Never once starved for water though.

I think a lot of people on here will probably say that 1" is fine, just try to keep a straight shot and keep fittings to a minimum (turbulence and restrictions)

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Thanks. I think I will go with the 1.5". It doesn’t cost that much more & I rather have to much than not enough. I also may need to used a street elbow on my pump due to the position. I am going to try to avoid using the elbow, but will know for sure once I get it built.

I agree, the price difference isn’t much at all. I used spiral flex 1.5" out of my banjo and all the way to the pump so I didn’t have to use more fittings. Then this king nipple

I just ordered the same fitting from PWP with non collaspable hose. My plan is to mount the Banjo Y filter to my 2" plumbing (reduced to 1.5") off the buffer tank and then 1.5 hose to the pump.

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Yep! You’ll be set up well

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That’s spot on! I bought a 10 gallon tank at Amazon that serves well without a change in the footprint from the 5 that came with my machine. Nevertheless, as long as you have the room on your rig, more is always better!

BTW, what’s the difference between the 800 and the 690? AND, the cost on that UDOR pump? GOOD LORD that sucker’s expensive! I know you will have that 4/4 machine as a backup, so the need to buy another machine may take a while, but when I did the math on your new build I thought that either you’re going WAY over the top or will prove to folks like me that buying the expensive stuff is worth the investment.

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Note taken on the fuel tank. The cost difference between the 800 & 690 was like $150- $200. By me building it, it allowed to make the upgrade which I thought was a no brainer. The Udor pump came with the gear box for $1071 from Sprayer Depot with free shipping. Again, not much more than a GP when you have to buy the gear box separate. After doing the research, I am able to build this unit for the price I would have paid for a 690 & GP pump unit. I also tend to go overboard! LOL

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Here’s the 18 gal I have for my diesel - https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_410797_410797

and here 13gal - https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200413776_200413776

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Racer, thanks for the links. I like the 13 gallon tank dimensions. It looks like it will fit my trailer perfectly. I also found a guy locally who builds aluminum fuel tanks. I was thinking about putting the gas tank under the stand that the pressure washer is going to mount too. I don’t know if that is safe practices tho.