8 GPM 1750 PSI machine

I just started a power wash business this past year. Built up a 12’ trailer with a 275 gallon IBC tank and and a pressure pro 4gpm/4000 psi. I want to buy a 2nd machine next year. Can’t really afford a 8gpm/3000psi but looking at a 8gpm/1750psi. Has anybody tried surface cleaning with that setup? For rinsing I bring my 4000psi down to 1200 or even 500 with a j-rod anyways. I can still surface clean with my 4000 and then have a helper rinse behind me 1750. Just wondering how the 1750 would do if I need it for a backup. I have a 20" surface cleaner. It says it works down to 1,000psi. Just wondering what you guys think.

Guy did a video on what your asking about. Check it out

Hey thanks! I believe that sells me on the lower psi unit.

I wouldn’t have one.

1750 won’t get it on concrete in my area.

As I have said on this forum before, I wouldn’t have a 1750psi machine in my business.

But, get what you want…it is your business.

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I think it would be a great house washing unit (the lower psi) but would suck for concrete. A demonstrations on brick pavers is not a good example of how to base your decision. That brick is porous and really you’re supposed to use lower pressure anyway. I think you’ll be disappointed the first real dirty driveway you encounter.


Don’t waste your money.

Agree with Alabama, good HW machine. And those pavers are easy to clean. He always pretreats and post treats anyway, so if you pretreat with a strong solution, will work ok. A lot of people in FL just softwashing drives with a booster pump now if all you’re doing is knocking off the mold. But for real dirt, probably not enough.

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Just asking, but ive seen a lot of people comment on saying that surface clean residentially at 2k or so… i have certain read enough and seen the knowledge that all of you have to offer, but is the extra 3-800 or whatever psi making that big of a difference?

I dont do much flat work so just curious.

Yes it makes a difference. The guy in the video is a clown

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Is there a difference in the force of a 3lb hammer and a 5lb hammer?

Well yeah, thats a over a 60% diff.

Apples to oranges. Dirt and grime might need a minimum of 2000 psi to be efficient but there’s a diminishing return I think over 3000.

70 ft lbs of torque may not be enough to keep a lug nut on, but 90 ft lbs may damage the threads of the lug nut.

Bell curve if we wanna keep overthinking it.

Nah i follow what yall are saying… i was just curious after watching that video.

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Really, I was just using that as an example.

IF you want the weak machine, buy it.

That would be just over a 66% diff.

Sorry, you edited while i was typing…

I know it was an example… im not the one asking about it… i was just curious as to the difference.

No biggie.

A good rule of thumb is to encourage the competition to buy the cheapest, most underpowered, least effecient equipment possible. I’d go with the 1600 psi if I were you

The deal is…in a perfect world…it might be fine.

But, some of this concrete can hold on to that crap much more than other concrete will…just depends on the concrete.

At best, that machine will be slow as a dog trying to get dirty concrete clean.

A 16 inch surface cleaner gives an 8 GPM pressure washer a bad name… All the pros will tell you he should be using a black and decker 12 inch with an 8 gpm PW…