8 GPM 1750 PSI machine


I used a 16 inch with 8gpm the last 3 days doing breezeways


Do u only do apartment complexes?


And townhomes


I need a sarcasim button…


Foregive me if im mistaken, but Im thinking i have seen you say you dont do flat work much… what about all the sidewalks associated with those large jobs?


We do sidewalks and curbs. No driveways, parking garages and whatnot. 16 inch is perfect size for breezeways, especially if you have to carry it up the steps to do second and third level concrete. 19 inch cleaners on all the trucks except the one i use


No driveways… that is what i was thinking.

Make the minions deal with 19… nice. Couldnt imagine dealing with hoses up to 2nd/3rd level.


I have a couple options I suppose. I am only doing it part time so I can’t get what I would really want - 8 gpm/3,000 psi with heat. Pricing those at about $6k. I could just get a duplicate of the 4gpm/4000psi or another option would be a 5.5/2500 - I’ve heard good things about these. Can get one of these for $1,800. I can usually find a helper or two so I really need a second one of some sort to speed the jobs up.


I would just wait until I could get the 8gpm machine…since you already have one lower volume machine. If you are going to continue this business, you will want that 8gpm.