8.5gpm 3500 with General TSF2021 Stats

@Grizz and I did some testing this afternoon on equipment. Most I had done before but I wanted to show him and to verify @Innocentbystander 's comments. Brandon has pics or videos of all the below. Machine rated at 8,

Using a 15 gal enclosed container the following are real numbers on machine with 850 hours on it and running through 250’ of 3/8 hose.

Pressure at nozzle using yellow tip 2800 psi - perfect

Flow using yellow tip 7.3 gpm - @Innocentbystander is right

Flow using m5ds nozzle 8.6 gpm

Flow using m5ds nozzle running through the injector - 7.3 gpm

PSI going through injector using yellow tip 2400 psi - good reason to make sure you’re bypassing your injector when doing concrete.

Guys, all these tests were done in less than 10 minutes. Learn your equipment.


Why yellow tip?

Racer that must have been a 2.1 mm orfice. Getting 8 gpm with a 2.3 mm with 275 ft of hose. Also drawing water when not drawing soap with a three way value helps with gpm. Think most just let it suck air and could be faster rinsing.

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It was sucking water, in fact had just been rinsing out injector and wanted Grizz to see the difference. But was using the 2.1 3-5 gal injector.

Why not? I usually use green for testing but we couldn’t find, plus it had never been used so new it wasn’t corroded or anything. Could have used red, but we were afraid it might crack bottom of container that close.

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Color of the nozzle has nothing to do with how much flow or pressure comes out, just the degree of the angle. Orifice size of the nozzle is what affects the pressure and flow.


Good stuff my friend


You have 700psi loss after 250’ of hose? Yikes. I guess my 5.5/3500 is around 500psi less after 200’.

Loss with 5.5 only about 170psi per 100 ft of hose, but check it and see.

We lose 600 psi in just 100’ of hose.

@dperez how come? you must be doing something wrong, do you use 5/16 hose?, or run 12gpm+ on 3/8 hose, only then you can lose 600 psi in 100’ of hose.
Does size matter (hose)emphasized text

@Fat-one I can assure you I’m doing everything right lol. I run 1/4" hose

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You’re jerking his chain right? 1/4"

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:man_facepalming: OK, well, ok.

No sir, it’s 14lbs per 100’. I’ll take the psi loss as a penalty in order to never feel my hose. I washed 13 hours yesterday and checked off 88 straight trucks and 12 trailers by myself. Can’t do that with 3/8" hose


What kind of hose you run? That’s got to be expensive hose with that diameter rated high enough.

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It’s easier for them to manufacture in greater psi into a hose with a smaller inside diameter. When the i.d. goes up most often the psi has got to go down. I used to run Suttner carpet cleaning solution hoses but the i.d. is metric and not imperial so I had trouble getting reusable fittings to stay on. I get all my hose manufactured to my specs now after calling on China 6 months ago and I get it sea freighted by the pallet now.

I pay about .36 a foot for 100’ assemblies


It absolutely amazes me the tidbits of info I pick up here, esp in regards to fleet washing.


But wait there’s more lol I have more than a few secrets I won’t even share with my guys. Keeps them out of trouble and helps my pocket book

Do you blow a lot of hoses? Is the outside cover similar?