7 gpm fat boy 12 volt pump

Hello everyone. I hooked up my softwash pump… it is a 7gpm fat boy. I am using 3/4 inch metering valves with 1/2 inch hose going into my tanks… my main hose is 5/8 inch… so today I ran it for the first time and it did so so… I was barely able to hit the peak on a 1 story house… probably up about 25 feet… my question is could I possibly get more distance from this pump… thank you all in advance

You should be getting more. I know this sounds dumb but is your battery, A: strong enough. B: charged?

Yes it is fully charged… I ran 2 deep cycle batteries ties together

Switch out the 5/8 hose for 1/2 hose

What kind of gun and nozzles are you using?

Suttner gun with a M5 twist nozzle

If I’m not mistaken going down in hose size will have less flow because it is more restricted

1/2 is all you need.

It’s the hose…lol

Y’all are killing me with this…Totally goes against all friction loss rules…Has anyone done at true bucket and/or distance test to substantiate the “1/2 is better than 5/8” claims? (I’m not trying to discount the claims, just trying to wrap my head around this…I’m seeing it way too often to doubt it, but it shouldn’t work that way per hydraulic theory)

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Yea I can’t see how 1/2 hose will get me more distance

As far as this thread goes, someone’s having problems with distance with 5/8 hose… never a problem with our units using 1/2 in. I’m certain it’s his hose diameters and/or nozzle

I was only able to hit the peak on a 1 story

What are your hose lengths? I’ll be running a 200’ continuous length. My portable pump (a 5 gpm with 50’ of 1/2” hose) hits about 35’, and I figured I’d get that much or more with a 7 gpm through 200’ of 5/8.

200 feet of 5/8 coming off the hose reel… using a 3/4 inch metering value… and running 1/2 inch hose down into my tanks

It’s the hose diameter and/or nozzle…stick with 1/2 in hose… even the tank plumbing

Ok, that makes sense. This year, I’m setting up a proportioner with 3/4” lines (1/2” soap line, metered down, of course) going through a 7 gpm Fatboy to 5/8 hose (Unless I get talked into 1/2” , that is)

Ok. I will switch up my nozzle since they are cheaper and see if that fixes my issue… im hoping to get close to 50 feet at least

What is your theory behind a 1/2 soap line?

Easier to find the metered valve and fittings…As I said, I’ll be metering it down (way down) plus, the surfactant will be diluted in the tank.