6000 psi hose is good for

I thought about that too, might go that route.

As the wise @squidskc said to me in the ,ugg gotta buy new hose again thread . 2 wire is pretty much standard in our industry @Redjess. I’m just testing the 1 wire hose. But got 300 ft of 2 wire on standby in the trailer :wink:

I’ve always ran 1 wire. Some of mine is 3 years old and still washing daily.

Wait why do you need a ball valve to switch lances? Just put a qc at the end of the gun.

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Dual lance for my 36" @pressureguy

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[quote=“CFH, post:4, topic:20357”]
I unhooked my house from my surface cleaner without turning the ball off and drop it before realizing the water was still running

Exactly how, did you do this with the machine running?

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Also I’d rather not turn my machine off and on when it’s super hot. And ya gotta let the pressure out to switch over w/o the ball valve , to time consuming. I’m time consuming enough, all by myself.:laughing:

@CFH I wash solo as do all my guys. We all have our own accounts that we’re responsible for. They come in mostly nights but they have the ability to come in whenever they can get it done. Some guys bring in a helper every once in a while to brush for them but most everybody just brushes themselves. It’s pretty effortless but robs you of time you could be on the gun

It surprised me too. I remember it being hard to get off, I just thought the male connector had mushroomed a bit. It was an “oh sh*t” moment for sure in that moment when I realized what I just did until the next moment when I saw the hose just laying there with water shooting out.

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Just put a quick connect on the gun and swap out wands as needed

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Can’t , I run a dual lance.@Innocentbystander

I switched to 2 wire after getting tired of buying hose. The 2 wire was a tank. Cars ran it over, cuts in it. It eventually got word down to the wire was exposed and still didn’t leak. When it finally went bad the swivel failed, not the hose. I bought some single wire eagle wash to replace it just to see how it goes. Definitely a lot easier dragging around. It’s less then 2 weeks old and has gotten ran over several times. I need to keep some angle iron on the trailer for crossing streets.

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I was at an apartment last week and the only place to park was on the opposite side of the parking lot. I kept cringing every time I saw a car run over my pressure hose. I also use 2 wire though. Angle iron might work but I’d worry about it kicking over. It would probably be fine since they aren’t going fast though.

I found these after looking for something later that same evening. Looks like a great option. They’re only about 40" so would probably need 5 of them for a road. Possibly more for a parking lot.


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Plug this into the quick connect

Awww. Might be all wobbly, but heck, I’ll try it. So then no need for ball valve right confucius ? @Innocentbystander

There is a need for them. Something has to hold down gas receipts on the desk

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Could you share a pic of how you’ve set up your surface cleaner using your gun? I think I know what your saying, but a pic will help alot. Was gonna order a ballvalve too. Your surface cleaner is fed by a 1/4 male right?

That looks like a great option. Thanks for the link

At my cabin with limited coverage. It’s in one of videos here somewhere

Hope you get cabin fever. Lol. Humor, enjoy @Innocentbystander