6000 psi hose is good for

Im trying to educate meself on hose. I seem to remember also that IBS mentioned hot water cleaning require 6kpsi for insurance purposes or something like that. I’ve got hot water. Is the 6kpsi hose just more durable, does 4kpsi wear too quickly, or 6kpsi a CYA type deal? I need clarity!!!

I’m getting ready to buy hose, not going over 4kpsi on my machines, so Im not too sure my direction, and 6k hose is nearly double $.

I run 2 wire 4500 psi legacy or good year for my 3500 psi machine (black) . I also run hot water 100 % of the time. The 2 wire holds up better in my line of work on gravel parking lots,more durable, but is heavy. But I’m also doing a comparison on 4000 psi 1 wire good year hose from pressure Tek,lighter and way cheaper. It’s been a month, with full time use,so far so good. But it’s a gamble. 6000 psi is an over kill unless your running @ 5000 psi. My 2 cents

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I run 2 wire 4500 psi hoses as well with hot water and a 3500 psi machine. I use hot water about 50% of the time. The two-wire are much heavier and harder to manage. I remember using a single wire and either it busted or a connection was loose when I fired up my machine and I want to saw it was a water snake all over the place. With the 2 wire just last week, not thinking, I unhooked my house from my surface cleaner without turning the ball off and drop it before realizing the water was still running and it just sat there. Maybe the extra weight of the hose helped in that sense? I also have hoses run over at least once a month so I am thinking 2 wire might be worth the extra $. I read somewhere recently that a guy uses 2 wire except for the last 25 ft which he uses what he called a 25 ft single wire 3/8 whip for easier hose control.


If you haven’t got one yet. Get a ss super swivel at the end by your gun. It’s SO much nicer… @CFH might be right about 1 wire flying around, I don’t know,my ball valve is mounted on my machine, not at the end by my wand

Ball valve at machine? I have never heard of that. Please share how that is beneficial in what you do if you would. I am truly interested as I would think if I am walking all the way back to the machine, just turn it off.

I wash high dollar trucks with higher dollar paint. I’m worried about the ball valve nob nicking the paint when I’m up close to was a motor etc. I also only use my ball valve to switch to my 6 foot lance to do the trailers. So I can’t leave a 6 foot lance laying anywhere around me. So it’s on the trailer. So I walk back 30,40 feet ,turn the ball valve, switch to six foot lance and switch my 3 way back to soap and tackle the trailer. We usually 2 step the truck, my helper switches me between our different soaps and acids. So there’s usually someone next to the trailer. I totally get why you guys have one on the other end @CFH ,especially when yall run 200 ’ or more.

Can you fleet wash solo and make money?
I want to say @dperez does but I am not sure. Exploring future possibilities.

Sure can @CFH . Been there done that. But it’s exhausting. But I’m also 47. :joy: if I did it again ,I’d definitely have the @SchertzServicesLLC box. No question. Just to switch soaps


I thought about that too, might go that route.

As the wise @squidskc said to me in the ,ugg gotta buy new hose again thread . 2 wire is pretty much standard in our industry @Redjess. I’m just testing the 1 wire hose. But got 300 ft of 2 wire on standby in the trailer :wink:

I’ve always ran 1 wire. Some of mine is 3 years old and still washing daily.

Wait why do you need a ball valve to switch lances? Just put a qc at the end of the gun.

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Dual lance for my 36" @pressureguy

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[quote=“CFH, post:4, topic:20357”]
I unhooked my house from my surface cleaner without turning the ball off and drop it before realizing the water was still running

Exactly how, did you do this with the machine running?

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Also I’d rather not turn my machine off and on when it’s super hot. And ya gotta let the pressure out to switch over w/o the ball valve , to time consuming. I’m time consuming enough, all by myself.:laughing:

@CFH I wash solo as do all my guys. We all have our own accounts that we’re responsible for. They come in mostly nights but they have the ability to come in whenever they can get it done. Some guys bring in a helper every once in a while to brush for them but most everybody just brushes themselves. It’s pretty effortless but robs you of time you could be on the gun

It surprised me too. I remember it being hard to get off, I just thought the male connector had mushroomed a bit. It was an “oh sh*t” moment for sure in that moment when I realized what I just did until the next moment when I saw the hose just laying there with water shooting out.

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Just put a quick connect on the gun and swap out wands as needed

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Can’t , I run a dual lance.@Innocentbystander