5x8 Trailer Build

Ok, I am starting my trailer build. I am starting to get all the equipment and I am just working on the layout. Here are some photos of what I am thinking and I wanted some opinions.

The pressure washer hasn’t arrived, but it is a 5.5 GPM 2500 psi machine. It will go in the rear of the trailer in the big space I left open. I am starting with a few hose reels from Northern Tool, I know these are not the best, but I just needed some reels to get me started. The reels are mounted curbside because I am expecting to do almost all residential work. I am running a 65 gallon water tank, which from my research on this site, should be plenty big enough for my machine. Additionally I have a 15 gallon Fimco tank that I was planning to use to store SH on board. I will have 150ft of Pressure hose on the reel, with an extra 100ft in the toolbox if I were to need it. On top of what’s on the trailer, I will also be adding a surface cleaner, two pump sprayers that I use during fence cleaning, cones, buckets, etc… is there anything I am missing? Or anything I should be worried about with this current setup? Thanks for any advice!


One thing that jumps out at me is that the Fimco 15 gallon tank has a bulkhead. That’ll surely leak after a few days or weeks of holding SH. See if you can plastic weld a plug in the hole, or find a different tank.


Thanks for the tip! I got the Fimco tank for free, and figured it would work temporarily for SH storage. I will work on it!

My 35 gal chem tank has a bulkhead. I have a banjo valve and an npt to garden hose adapter on the valve. I cut an old scrap garden hose about 24 inches long and tie it in a knot on the rail. Super useful for filling buckets or pump ups with SH… but yeah… the valve and the bulkhead are coated with salt every couple days. Not enough of a leak to drip SH, but it weeps enough that the thing is covered in salt.

@daltonaiken are you pulling that with a truck?

What’s your plans for getting reels up on the rails? Over the rails like that you’re gonna hate.

Also, if you’re dead set on storing wet stuff in that tool box swing by dollar tree and pick up about 50 of these. You’ll need another 50 in a few months. Lol I put them in tool boxes, truck cab, etc. Right now two of them are drying out my phone.



Super useful to have. They fill up with water every couple days.


Don’t really need a tool box. Fimco tanks become brittle and fall apart after about 1 year with bleach in them

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Yes, I am pulling it with a Silverado 1500. I wish I could of got a larger trailer, but it is what it is. It will be a good starter setup. Thanks for the tips on the plumbing for the SH tank! I am also going to have a buddy of mine weld some stands for the reels, I forgot to put that in the initial post, so thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate the tips on the moisture eliminators also!


I was gonna tell him if he’s pulling it with a truck to put it in there, but agreed. I use rugged plastic bins and buckets with screw top lids. Just easer to navigate a few buckets than a pile in a toolbox and you don’t always have to have every bucket or bin with you.I know what goes in each different colored bucket. Seems more efficient to me anyway.

Does your truck have ladder racks? If so you could hang surface cleaner from them and save space.

No it doesn’t, but a good idea for future!

If it was anyone else, I would completely agree about the toolbox being a unorganized mess, but I am an orginazation freak haha I am already planning on build custom inserts for the toolbox so everything stays organized. Also, in my town, service trailers are big time targets, so I would like to lock up whatever I can.

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if pulling without water in the tanks, it looks to me to be an unbalanced trailer with most weight in the rear from your machine which could wobble on you and cause issue. Move the tool box to center and put some weight in it. You need more tongue weight to offset your machine on the tail.

Hi Mark, I was wondering about that. I had originally had it set up with the machine in place of the chemical tank, with both hose reels curbside behind the water tank. However, I couldn’t fit both hose reels back there and have room to use the handles, so that is how I ended up where I am. I will take your suggestions into account!

Agree with that a 100%!!

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Throw the jobbox in the bed of your truck if you can find a way to lock it down. Space is precious on the trailer and you will want that spot very soon.

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Ok I finally got my pressure washer in. Just to make sure I’m right, I remove the entire screen assembly and replace that with a 1/2” by 1” hose barb. I also remove the black hose, and where the black hose connects near the unloaded, that is where I would run my bypass back to the tank. Just want to double check before I tear apart a brand new pressure washer! Haha thanks in advance!

Yea… cut black hose off, plug the lower if not removing that fitting.

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As soon as possible get an unloader block and a god unloader

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I am just about tapped out on funds trying to get started, but that will be my first purchase. Am I ok to start without it?

Any tips for getting the screen assembly off? It is on there really good haha