4-Story Vinyl Siding with Balconies

We mainly do residential house washes and do not run into too many buildings like this in our area. I would call us semi-rural midwestern.

Building is 57’ X 161’ X 40’ Tall.

Do you guys think a price in the $2,000 to $2,500 range is fair for a building like this? I know markets vary. Any opinions appreciated!

I would charge more.

Are they doing anything with the metal roofs on the towers?

No, I am excluding the roof and the cupolas on the estimate. They are mainly concerned about the siding.

In north east ohio that’s a 3k min bid easy. I helped a competitor do a similar hotel recently and it was a 7k job. But he did a roof wash with it.

Are you planning to use a lift?

We do those all day long. Pricing is on you but figure 30 minutes per breezeway and 2 hours for the building. No lift. Those balconies will be easy since they are no knee walls. so two guys should be done in an hour and a half if they split it. I’d be happy with anything over $700

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Holy cow

I’ve never really asked about your guys and set up. If you don’t mind break it down for me. One truck has 2 8 gpm machines? Do 5 or so building like this a day?Takes an hour or 2 a building? And that’s all they do is buildings like this?Feel free to tell me no by the way I’m not sure if it’s out of line to ask a question like that. I bet it took a great deal of time to build that up. Tons of respect!

How would you hit the 4th story?

On a building like that they park as close to the middle as they can. One guy goes left, one goes right. soap the far side to the middle of the building then rinse back to the far side. then thru the breezeway and wash across half the back. breezeway gets done on the way back to the truck since the hose is now stretched out. If they are garden style apartments with no breezeways, or breezeways are not being washed, one guy starts soaping while the others hooks up to the hydrant then starts rinsing behind the soaper. Soaper gets done first and starts rolling his hose up and moving water hoses to the next building.


Six inch wand unless it is really windy. Then a 3 or 5 foot wand.

I really wanna see that In action some day.

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Come down. We’ve been to Ohio already this year lol

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I am assuming you are using an xjet, does the higher GPM make it shoot farther?

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O boy

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Yes indeed. Actually, you take two Xjets and screw them together. The water force is multiplied exponentially by the compression of the two stage orifice effect.


I can’t take credit for that design. @BuzzLightyear showed me that trick at a kiwi roundtable a few years ago

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I’m pretty sure this is how they make squeaky toys for dogs.


That explains why dogs keep coming up and peeing on the truck tires(tyres for our down under friends).