4 GPM vs. 5.5 GPM

I’m wanting to upgrade from my small 2.5 GPM washer but I am wondering whether or not I should get a 4 GPM then upgrade to a 5.5 later? I am assuming that I will need some type of buffer tank with the 5.5 which i’ll have to figure out how to rig but that shouldn’t be too hard. Anyway any help is appreciated!

How many hours do you work washing in an average week?

Well I have paused operations for now to gain more knowledge but when I was washing I was doing about 12-15 hours a week. I’m in college so I can’t book a whole lot

4 gpm allows you to not need a buffer.
It’s an easier setup.
But it has major downsides.

You can start there. And if it’s a side gig and you’re in college, it’s not a bad way to go.

But if you can swing a 5.5, you’ll love it and never look back. You can work quicker. And don’t have to worry about squeezing the trigger every 30-60 seconds so your pump doesn’t burn up.

Much more could be said.

Whatever route you go, run your choice of machine by us. We’ll make sure you get a quality machine that will last.

I run a 4gpm because this is a side business for me and I can’t carry tanks or pull a trailer. I’m a bit different because I’m 90% house washing which I don’t use a pressure washer, but either way, for me 4gpm is what I use on flatwork and it works fine as long as you know you need to move a bit slower.

As long as you’re market is mostly city water and spigots can supply it, 4 gpm will be fine. I plan it out where I’m never needing to be off the trigger for more than a few seconds. If i need to, I shut it down.

I appreciate it! What size buffer tank would I need for a 5.5? I own a 2017 V4 tacoma so i’d just set it up in the back of my truck, or i’d get a trailer.

Okay I get that! Yea i’ve been looking into the predator 4.2 4400 psi machine but I think I may just go with the honda 4.0 even if it is a bit more money….

Not very big. 50 gallons would be just fine. Sheesh, probably less.

I’ve only had it 3 years now, but my Honda 390 on mine has been perfect. That machine paid for itself in about 6 hours

Oh heck yea, that shouldn’t be too bad than. I’ll be looking into a 5.5 then. Any recommendations?

Heck yea dude! I paid for my 2.5 in about 4, i’ve been downstreaming with it but it just does not reach far enough, I did this house but I had to get on a ladder, super sketch.

Udor is the way to go for pumps.

I started with a 2.5, got a 4, then 5.5 and now 8. By far the biggest jump was the 5.5, I honestly feel it could be the minimum for housewashing. BTW you only need 2500psi at the gun, so 4000 is excessive.

90psi will hit the top of that no problem. You need to upgrade from a home owner grade 2.5 quick if you want to make money easier. How long did the house take you?

So 5.5 with say 3000 psi?

2.5 hours, with dwell time, rinsing etc. then I did the driveway which took me another 2 hours

5.5/3000 is fine, but you’ll need a v-twin to achieve that. A Honda GX390 can do 5.5/2200-ish at the pump but won’t work for concrete.

My 8gpm would knock that house out in an hour.

Yeah, need to upgrade quickly. Even for someone like me that uses unconventional methods would have the house done in 1.5 hours or less. I couldn’t imagine trying a driveway with a 2.5. Before I bought a 4 gpm I didn’t even quote driveways.

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What is a v twin?

I just pre treat and it comes right up, lol