3 way electric ball valve

Looking for 316 stainless steel 3 way ball valve that is 12v operated. Must be able to handle minimum 500 psi.

Look at IBS’s posts and video regarding 3 way remote controlled valves. He has it down to science. Might not be SS (IDK because I’m not there yet) but he does way too much business with them to have a high failure mode.

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I would love to find one. Would pay dearly for one. I use solenoids on my remotes

That’s because you’re using bing and not google. :slight_smile:


These are pretty interesting too. They’re remote controls for turning existing valves. If you didn’t want to replace the electrical components all the time, with this you just replaced the valves.


I’ve got a z valve. Only works as a 2 way.

I’ve searched hobby stores and called all kind of remote controll companies, tried door lock actuators and gizmos. I want something that will turn the handle on a plastic 3 way valve

One of the one’s I found on ebay is stepped so you can “lower” or “increase” flow. Not just on and off. There’s gotta be someone who knows how to use arduino to set it up as a 3 way stopping system.

I talked with some fabricator a couple of years ago that said they could do what I wanted but it was like 10k for initial set up and then i had to buy like a 1000 or something @$150 each. I only wanted about 10 lol.

I think a much simpler solution (though perhaps not as elegant) would be using two valves and a tee. Reverse the polarity or whatever on one of the valves, so when you hit the remote, one valve opens and the other closes, and vice versa.


I like running 2 valves. There’s a visual signal from a distance when one of the blue handles is straight down and the other is inline with the tote.

And I can get two stainless valves and the handle switches on eBay for less than a remote 3 way ball valve, that if it goes bad, you’re stuck.

With the handle switches you can still turn your valves if the switch goes bad… I’d probably just wire on a single led on a black background to tell me which ones on and which ones not if one decides to quit working.

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The other real cool thing you might be able to do with one of those, is operate an injector bypass (if it’ll put out the torque for it, anyway). I’ve got one sitting on my shelf at home, I still need to wire up and see if I can get it to work on my DSI bypass.

My problem is I have to have something super simple that any employee doesn’t have to overthink to use. Plus two machines on each truck and multiple valves get confusing.

On your 3 way valves I’m assuming one goes to your house wash mix and the other goes to a water tank and the other goes to the DSI?

Mm. Good points. As far as simple to use, you’d put both valves on the same channel, so they only need to press one button. But I can see how it would double your maintenance concerns.


I’ve given up on remotes except for the truck I use until I can figure out something simple and easy to maintain